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Promochex offers a unique method of e-mail marketing by sending promotional checks in the mail so as to induce your customers to open their mail and read their content.

A Unique Approach

No one can resist a check in the e-mail and this fact has been taken into consideration by Promochex to create clickbait e-mail campaigns. Promochex creates unique promotional checks for your e-mail marketing campaigns to get the best response.

Numerous Benefits

With their unique and feature-rich website, Promochex helps businesses bag numerous benefits through their e-mail marketing campaigns. Thus, their services can be availed to increase response rate, sales, customer engagement, and create brand awareness among the prospects.

Many Industries Served

The e-mail marketing campaigns carried out by Promochex serve numerous industries like finance, retail, sales, home improvement, professional services, etc. You can book a consultation with the company through their highly interactive website.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The technology used for the formation for Promochex website is all advanced and up-to-date. The website is built as an open source web development project with expertise in single page website development. The website is based on WordPress and offers a great UI/UX design with interactive features.

Ideas in the Making

The right marketing through e-mails can bring your huge returns.

The idea behind Promochex was explained to the experts at SoftProdigy and after learning every bit of it, they got to work! With an amazing expertise in open source development and WordPress, SoftProdigy created the high-quality and feature-rich single page website for Promochex that facilitates user quote collection by the business.

The short and brief website effectively conveys what the business wants to, and has helped it grow and boost its customer reach, effectively.

With features like custom form with number slider, the website has been built with all the latest technologies and tools. Promochex has witnessed a great boost in traffic and conversions through their website.

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