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The means of business marketing have changed significantly in the last 10 to 20 years. The whole credit goes to the emergence and constantly skyrocketing popularity of social media networks. These social media networks connect people. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter are some of the best examples of it. These social media platforms also act as a platform business need for revival, survival, and growth in the future. But there is no better online place than LinkedIn for connecting business with growth. Thanks to LinkedIn advertising services.

Is Business Advertising on LinkedIn So Easy?

Honestly, it is not so easy. You have to apply your mind properly to take your social media marketing in the right direction using LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn is still the best social media platform to connect your business with your current and future audience and hassle-free growth. This is where companies providing LinkedIn advertising services prove to be valuable.
Coming back to the point, facts speak volumes about Linkedin’s efficiency as a social media platform that connects businesses with growth. Let’s take a good look at some of these facts below:

LinkedIn Usage Facts

• It is one of the largest social media platforms with more than 467 million users.
• Millions of professionals are available there to help you grow your business.
• LinkedIn’s 57% Traffic Comes from Mobile Devices.
• Nearly 40 million or more school and college students actively use LinkedIn.
• 71% of LinkedIn’s traffic is located in different parts of the world.
• LinkedIn is an online platform that 9$ B2B marketers use to feed their existing and targeted audience.
• 57% companies in the world from all industries utilize the potential of LinkedIn for increasing their customer base.
• More than 50% of B2B buyers use this social media network specifically built for social selling to make smart purchasing decisions.

Your business can also reach the next level of popularity and growth by using LinkedIn, provided, you hire the best LinkedIn marketing company.

Business growth through Advertising on LinkedIn

Business growth through LinkedIn advertising requires a lot of effort in the right direction. For example:

• You have to begin with your own dedicated LinkedIn profile.
• You must create an effective LinkedIn page for your own company.
• It is important to have a proper LinkedIn strategy in place that defines your business goals and execute it accordingly.
• It is important to optimize your company LinkedIn page through the following:

o Insertion of appropriate keywords in the profile information
o Linking your LinkedIn company page to your website, other social media pages on other networks, blog, marketing materials and the LinkedIn pages of your employees.
o Regularly sharing effective and latest content that your existing and targeted followers/connections want to consume.

• Attract followers as many as possible. You can start with your employees, promote your LinkedIn page outside LinkedIn and add a Follow button to your website for this purpose. In case you don’t have enough time to do this on your own, you can entrust some company providing services for effective LinkedIn advertising.
• Constantly publish engaging content and using rich media.
• If needed, get your posts sponsored. This is not so easy. The process of getting your post sponsored is time-consuming also. Therefore, you can hire some LinkedIn marketing company to ensure the following

o Increase the reach of your Company Page Posts to more people to increase your LinkedIn followers.
o To reach the right targeted audience through LinkedIn’s comprehensive targeted audience.
o Your post gets optimized according to every popular device type in use to make sure your message is seen by everyone.
o If needed, don’t be shy of using DSC (Direct Sponsored Content) for testing variations of your messages.
o Use conversion tracking tool for tracking the actual number of leads your ads are attracting.

• Creation of effective LinkedIn advertisements should be your next step.
• Finally, it is time for you to get advanced with analytics. You can use the following tools for this purpose:

o LinkedIn Company Page Analytics
o Analytics for Publishing on LinkedIn
o LinkedIn Campaign Manager Analytics
o Conversion Tracking
o LinkedIn Analytics Dashboards

You are advised to execute these tips to make your social media marketing for business growth productive like before. It is because effectively done LinkedIn marketing can take your business to a whole new level of success and growth. For more advice in this regard, some reputed LinkedIn marketing company could be the right hand for you to count on.

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Ankit Goyal is the Digital Marketing Expert at SoftProdigy, specializing in PPC. With years of expertise in PPC, Ankit has worked his way towards achieving the perfection of PPC skills.
Passionate about his work, he keeps in touch with the latest digital marketing trends and excellently executes them through his work. Ankit’s marketing brilliance snaps into action when it comes to delivering flawless PPC Management Services. It’s his zeal to learn and delivery of high-quality services that help him keep his clients happy and satisfied.

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