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Launched in 2001, SharePoint is the most popular collaborative platform for integration with Microsoft Office. This extremely configurable technology is primarily a system for document management and storage. The usage of SharePoint always varies significantly from one organization to another.

What Makes SharePoint Talk of the Town?

Coming to the point, this is the burning question of the day! Since technology is subject to technological changes and innovation, Microsoft, the leading technology provider in the world, has released various versions of SharePoint from time to time for companies SharePoint development services. And it is also available in various forms listed below:

• SharePoint Portal Server 2001 in 2000

microsoft sharepoint server

  • Windows SharePoint Services (SQL as well as .NET) in 2003
  • MS-OFFICE SharePoint Server 2007 in 2003

Note: Microsoft had named these two products as version 2.0 products.

• SharePoint 2007 in 2006

microsoft office sharepoint server

Note: Microsoft noticed a number of companies active in the domain of SharePoint Consulting Services facing a lot of problems with Windows SharePoint Services and MS-OFFICE SharePoint Server Portal Server released in 2003. Therefore, Microsoft released SharePoint 2007 with a lot of new features like Business Data Catalog and InfoPath Form Services in its below mentioned products relevant to SharePoint:

  • Windows SharePoint Services
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

• SharePoint 2010

microsoft sharepoint 2010

2010 was special year in the history of SharePoint. Microsoft released SharePoint’s 201 version with a lot of improvements and incorporated many new features like InfoPath, Workflows, Business Data Services, Management Meta Data, Excel Services and a lot more to in SharePoint Foundation, Microsoft, and SharePoint Server 2010 to help companies providing SharePoint development services create management.

• SharePoint 2013 On Premises

Sharepoint 2013

SharePoint Online/SharePoint Office 365/SharePoint 2013-16

office 365

Office 365 SharePoint online was very much similar to SharePoint On-Premises released by Microsoft in 2012. Microsoft released office 365 SharePoint Online nearby the last few days of February 2013. Unlike the previous versions, Office 365 SharePoint online had a number of innovations companies providing SharePoint development services. For example,

  • Advanced interface for libraries
  • Custom lists
  • Pages

As a result of it, SharePoint Group websites are now considered to be the main part of governance model.

SharePoint 2016 On-Premise in 2016:


May 2016 was a good time for SharePoint Consulting Service providers as Microsoft released SharePoint 2016 on-Premise during the month of May 2016 and its first service pack in November 2016. And now a lot of companies active the domain of SharePoint Consulting Services are expecting the release of SharePoint 2016 On-premise Service Pack 2 by the end of fall in 2017. Mentioned below are the key improvements and features of SharePoint 2016 On-premise:

  • Hybrid Mode
  • Better smartphone navigation
  • Large files are supported
  • More support to support special characters included in file names
  • Data loss prevention capabilities are similar to the data loss prevention capabilities found in SharePoint Office 365.

All of these versions of SharePoint further have their own sub-versions.

Change is the law of nature! Similarly, constant innovation in technology has also made change an inevitable law of changes in technology.

Therefore, SharePoint kept on changing from time to time to help companies manage and store their important data in a better and organized way.

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is Also Changing:

sharepoint development

Microsoft has updated the “Product Servicing Policy” related to the SharePoint Serer 2016. This latest update also includes Cumulative Update Model for SharePoint development Service providers.
To add more to it, Mr. Stefan Gobner, a SharePoint Education Engineer at Microsoft, announced One Year Support for SharePoint Server 2016 build.

These organizations will get this support before upgrading.
He also announced some monthly public updates that specially include focus on improving the following:

  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • stability

And the company is now likely to end “Mainstream Support” for SharePoint 2016 on 13th July, 2021. All these public updates will contain all previous updates to help SharePoint development companies mainly in India to avoid the need of installing previous public updates prior to installing the latest ones. One year Support and Feature Packs are going to be the part of these updates.

Microsoft Introduces SharePoint 2016 Framework Extensions:

On 12th June, 2017, Microsoft conducted a SharePoint PnP Webcast directed towards spreading a word about SharePoint Framework Extensions Developers Previews to help customize the user interface of modern SharePoint websites as well as the experiences.
Microsoft has released the following three different versions:

  • App Customizer
  • Field Customizer
  • ListView Command Set

And the company has also made it clear that these SharePoint Framework Extensions are currently available only as a Developer’s Preview.

This PnP Webcast is mainly focused on the following:

    • Introduction to all Framework Extensions that are currently available in developer’s preview
    • The process of debugging required for Extensions
    • Extension’s deployment to SharePoint Online

This is merely a tip of the whole iceberg as watching the webcast demo will help you explore more.

Final Thoughts:

All these SharePoint Updates will surely Push SharePoint development companies to stay updated about it.
If you are a SharePoint expert working in a SharePoint development Companies in India then it becomes important for you to watch this demo immediately.

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