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Nowadays the internet is home to numerous freelancing platforms. A plenty of new freelancing websites sprout on the internet even before you open your eyes in the morning. But most of these new freelancing websites have not been able to compete with following globally popular leaders in the domain of freelancing:

  • UpWork – Allowing the 21st century IT companies to get more done from very high quality and reliable freelancers.


  • Freelancer – Helping IT firms hire quality and experienced freelancers to get the work done online on time.

  • Fiverr – A perfect platform for lean entrepreneurs to explore the freelancing marketplace to build their business like never before at a very affordable price.

  • Guru – Another best online platform for IT companies to find and hire experts delivering quality freelance services.

  • Freelance – A global digital solution to collaborate with freelancers for hassle-free workflow management.

  • PPH (People Per Hour) – An online platform for IT companies to hire the best people in their finest hour to get the job done quickly and easily.

These freelancing platforms are serving as a medium for IT companies to get leads online easily. They just have to sign up with them and buy some bids or credits on a monthly basis to bid to get projects. Millions of IT companies have been using these websites to make their both ends meet.

But now the situation seems to be changing to a large extent. Many IT companies from different parts of the world now seem to be losing interest in these digital freelancing platforms.

What is the Possible Reason?

There are many reasons. For example:

These sites are now adopting strict policies for bidders. They are asking them to use different language each time bidders place a bid. Honestly, most of the bidders in the world are not English experts. But it does not mean they are not good business developers. Such policies are forcing them to explore other online platforms to bring their IT companies leads.

Introduction of concepts like profile penalty and bid quality score.

Presence of spam clients utilizing their platforms to get their work done by freelancers or IT companies and run away without even paying the money for their hard work.  This is certainly hurting many 21st century IT startups.

The rise of fast and reliable question answer digital platforms collaborating common users looking for work and IT companies.

IT companies need these people to get their work done on time. This is why they are ready to communicate with them on Skype, E-mail or even phone for their project. They are getting the best possible results. They are getting their work done on time and at an affordable cost.

This is the biggest reason why these popular freelancing websites are now losing their stranglehold among IT companies looking for freelancers.

Following are some of the best and most popular Question Answer websites you can utilize to get leads for your IT Company:

Generally, Quora management claims it to be an online place where everyone can share his/her useful knowledge to help others understand the world better. But it is actually way more than an online place to share knowledge as you can make profiles and follow the activity of other users. Their profile information and Quora policies allow companies to make a business account.  Being a business owner, you can directly send messages to users doing an activity on your questions or answers and encourage them to seek your service.

Yahoo Answers: 



This is yet another question answer website. This website is only used for seeking answers to questions. However, if used properly, IT companies have a good scope of getting lead here as a lot of traffic lands on this website on daily basis for finding answers to their questions and solutions to their projects.

So are you now waiting for something special to tell you what to do? If you don’t get work on digital freelancing platforms like Upwork, PPH, Guru, Fiverr, Freelancer and Freelance etc. You are left with only two choices. Either switch to Question-Answer platforms listed above or call us and see how we do it for you. we are one of the best link building companies.

We are waiting for your phone call!

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