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JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that can offer active interactivity on websites. It is incredibly versatile aiding to create games, animated 2D and 3D graphics, comprehensive database-driven apps, and much more. There are several reasons supporting why it is favourable to learn JS for web development, including:

1.Nearly 95 percent of Web Pages Use Javascript

Javascript web development may not be “trendy”, but it is definitely tried and true and on the backend of websites, it is the major and most used language running behind the scenes. The three main languages in use throughout the internet today are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Javascript, unlike the other of the big three which handles things like text and images, deals with the animation on the websites. Without Javascript for Web Development, the web wouldn’t be as lively as it is today. Given that nearly all website these days have some sort of animation, Javascript is nearly always used. It is therefore very important to know this coding language. So brush up on Javascript web development and read on for the other reasons to learn one of the grand-daddies of all coding languages!

2. Javascript Web Development Has a Bright Future

Mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) have kind of taken over the internet game. Javascript for web development has become more and more important as front end frameworks become more relevant with this recent development. React, the open source Java\script library, is an exciting development which bodes well for this languages future. Also, AngularJS is an open-source, front-end frame-work application which will likely take off and become very important in the near future. These projects will exponentially increase the growth and breadth of Javascript for web development’s domain, making sure it won’t die out anytime soon.

3. It’s Relatively Easy to Learn

Javascript for web development is actually a relatively easy coding language to grasp and learn. This is in comparison to languages such as Python and Ruby. Plus, once you know Javascript, is acts as sort of a building block to other languages which allows for you to take off with your coding career. You can begin learning anytime with literally thousands of coding “bootcamps” across the country and available remotely online. There are even free courses available which will teach you fundamentals. It all depends on what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. Coding is an invaluable skill to have, as well, because it makes you very desirable as an employee.

4. You Can Design Games

Some people might not know this, but not only is Javascript for web development, it also can be used for games as well. If you learn the coding language fluently (along with HTML5), then you can make a lot of money designing highly sought after computer games. This is also an amazing and lucrative skill to have which will definitely benefit any job candidate in the long run. Video game companies are always looking for creative coders who know Javascript like the back of their hands. Game developers make great money, and on top of that, this is just another path (with great prospects) you can take your career down.

Javascript is a great language to learn for many different reasons — to better your career, to learn the building blocks of coding, and much more. It is one of the most fundamental languages out there. It may not be “trendy”– but Javascript web development is here to stay!

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A very zealous lead mobile app developer at SoftProdigy, Anirudh works his way through a diverse experience in the niche of android and iOS development. As a technical lead, Anirudh is the front-runner for all the development activities performed by SoftProdigy’s mobile app development team.
He possesses matchless expertise in Corona, PhoneGap, JQuery, Xamarin, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, IoT, Objective-C, Swift and other SDKs with a high-end understanding of the mobile ecosystem.

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