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So far, 2020 has been the year of COVID-19 where almost every country, city, and business has been affected by this outbreak. As the pandemic continue spreading and unfolding right in front of us, many entrepreneurs are struggling to stay in the biz. As most of us are confined within our homes, people are forced to seek new solutions – alternatives.

The Digital Transformation the World is going through Right Now

Today, more and more people are going online, using mobile apps to meet their wants and needs. There has been an absolute paradigm shift which is leading the world towards the digital transformation. Be it the education sector or entertainment, mobile apps are everywhere – probably one of the most useful ways for investing our time during the period of social-distancing, home quarantine, and lockdowns.

If you can take advantage of this opportunity to build and launch your unique mobile application which is relevant to the current situation. To help you out, listed down are 5 worth investing mobile app ideas amidst the outbreak.

  • Contact Tracing Apps

Some researchers have discovered that data recovered from the IoT integrated wearable devices can act as an early detector for COVID-19. If you could manage to integrate a mobile app with a wearable device, you can allow your users to constantly monitor their activities. Consequently, it will alert them with immediate warning signs on their mobile apps.

  • Health and Fitness Apps

Because we have become more conscious about our health and fitness amidst the pandemic, home exercises can help you stay fit and fine. Therefore, fitness apps are the need of the hour for such health-conscious people. You can incorporate various home exercises that can be performed without any equipment or assistance. Additionally, launching a yoga and meditation app with the help of hybrid mobile app development services is another worth investing idea which is in vogue these days.

  • eLearning Apps

Most people don’t prefer getting out of their homes. Thus, they are looking at mobile apps as the best solution to stay home and learn new things. This is the reason why there is a high demand for eLearning mobile apps. You can allow your users to learn new languages, games, recipes, and much more, adding more value to their life and career.

  • Grocery Delivery Apps

Did you know that the grocery app downloads of Walmart have increased by 160%? As people are being stuck home, online shopping has been booming with a great rate. No one wants to go out to grocery stores because of the spread, which makes a lot of us order online. Building online grocery apps that can cater to increasing market needs are without a doubt a great idea for keen entrepreneurs.

Last Words
So, this was all about innovative mobile app ideas that can bring some income to your business. We hope you liked this writing piece. In case you have an idea and want to turn it into reality, talk to the experts at a leading mobile app development company in Mohali.

Summary: If launching an innovative, unique mobile app is in your bucket list, this is a good time for it. Here is a blog post where we have discussed a few good ideas that you ca avail to amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


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