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When it comes to choosing the right framework for web development, many developers face issues. Where one might be best with features, the other offers an easy learning curve. So, with numerous options on the list, it gets tougher to choose one, with every option you consider.

However, according to experts, AngularJS has been a recent favorite of many developers in recent times. Let’s have a look at this framework and see why it is worth all the praise!


What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework designed to be utilized as a part of building robust applications. This framework is primarily used for simplifying the development process and building exceedingly adaptable applications. Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS has an array of elements that are the reason behind its extraordinary admiration and widespread popularity.

Angularjs 6 development is now being adopted by many entrepreneurs to build their applications.  But this is not the only reason it has become the first choice of expert web developers! There are lots of other reasons too. Let’s discuss them one by one:


User Interface

To deliver the best user experience, AngularJS makes use of HTML, which not only assists developers in creating user-friendly applications but also lets them develop faster and build lightweight applications. HTML carries special attributes, which give a clear explanation to the developers to control the use of elements.



AngularJS does not solely focus on building mobile applications, but it is divided into MVC architecture. Now, the question is how does it make the difference? Well, it helps developers to develop web applications that can easily correspond to mobile applications. This not only saves the developer’s time but also helps them meet deadlines.



Creating interactive apps with easy codes is what every web developer and designer strives for. Achieving this goal becomes easy with AngularJS as it simplifies the whole coding process by using HTML along with JavaScript. This helps the developers do more with less code and easily deal with complex functionalities.



In every niche, testing plays a vital role in the successful completion of a development process. AngularJS is the best framework if you are looking for an easy approach to do rigorous testing, detect errors, and find code defects with ease. This gives ultimate benefits to developers as they don’t need to put plenty of efforts into the testing phase.



Speed is the main reason why AngularJS is so favorable amongst the developers. Its MVC architecture and ease of testing lets the developers move with great pace and wrap up the projects within the given timeframe.



If a framework offers modularity that means it has better functionality, architecture, and flexibility. AngularJS makes use of modules, which improve their flow of work and let developers finish every task within set deadline. Splitting the project in modules is one of the best reasons why AngularJS is a highly recommended framework.


Custom directives

This framework allows developers to create their own HTML customer directives. This helps them in taking up the charge and removing any limits of the framework.



Making use of filters in the development process eases the task of organizing stored data in a good manner. AngularJS has a number of filter options such as Number, Lowercase, Uppercase, OrderBy, etc. This enables the easy presentation of a large amount of data to the users. The developers find filters to be more beneficial while creating database search functionality.

Hopefully, you are convinced with the promising features offered by AngularJS and you are going to choose AngularJS development services for your next development projects. If you have not started using AngularJS yet to fulfill your development needs then start doing it now. Adopt this framework and get it to reap the benefits of a flexible development approach.

If you are still in doubt or have any confusion then get in touch with SoftProdigy – the best AngularJS development company serving clients across the globe. Our team of experts is always available and is happy to serve you with the best services in the industry.

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