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Python has become one of the most popular programming languages, since its introduction in 1991. It has evolved as we’re at version 3.6.5 now. Most startups once used it because of its simplicity and low cost. Modern giants like Google or Microsoft use Python and its frameworks to create smooth working experiences.

Python is also a versatile language. As a multi-paradigm language, it allows developers to build their programs using multiple approaches, including both object-oriented programming and functional programming. Many tech giants uses Python development services.

On top of that, it’s free, open-source, and has gathered a mighty community of developers over the past few years. Python as a high-level language is appreciated by every programmer. To give you an example, let’s take a look at some apps written in Python language:


  1. 1. Dropbox

Dropbox is the best example of Python development services where the company managed to take something simple to store stuff online, scale it to an incredible level & create a product that’s great to use.

One of the most popular desktop apps in the world, Dropbox can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It’s a good thing that Python is portable and works on many platforms, from PC, Linux to PlayStation.


  1. 2. Pinterest

Pinterest is ranked third when it comes to social networks. Pinterest allows users to bookmark images, collect and share them with other users. As one of the web’s most-used apps, Pinterest relies on Python and rapidly deals with large amounts of content. In fact, this website has used Python since day one.


  1. 3. Instagram

There would be no Instagram today without Python. This app changed the world of digital photography, made it instant, more accessible, and widespread. It allows users to take pictures, edit and share them online using a camera as simple as a smartphone. With 400 million active users per day, it is an obvious example of Python mobile app development.


  1. 4. Spotify

Spotify is the world’s largest streaming service. This makes it a major market player and also one of the top Python users among businesses. The company preferred Python development because of its speed and advanced data analytics that the language offers. They use it for the backend, analytics, & if you’ve ever used Spotify, you know that its results are great.


  1. 5. Reddit

With about 542 million monthly visitors, Reddit is one of the most impressive Python app examples. Registered users post content such as text, video, or images in thousands of categories, and vote it up and down.

It is everyone’s favorite platform of dank memes, cat videos, and community interactions. Many hundreds of millions of users are visiting it every day for the content.

Well, apart from these 5 apps, other apps including Facebook, Netflix, IBM, Disqus, Uber, etc. are also in the list. Python and its extensive field of applications prove it to be the best computer language.

You can get Python development services from a leading offshore Python web development company. Plus, you can save your development cost and also get latest technologies from a team of experienced experts.

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