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Business success is never subject to sipping coffee at home! Did it hurt your sentiments or self-respect? May be! Truth always like a bitter pill to swallow! Since this is 100% true, you cannot deny this truth.

Coming to the point, you buy an office and all the infrastructure essential to run your business! You hire the best team for SEO, ASO and VSO!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is something everyone know well!

ASO is abbreviation to App Store Optimization. This is for getting your mobile app ranking in popular apps stores.

VSO means Voice Search Optimization. This very new concept is now doing rounds on internet like talk of the town.

Now you have a website to promote business! Right? You also got an app developed to promote your business. You did your absolute best to make sure your business app and website are perfectly optimized for voice search.

You make sure your digital media marketing efforts are in the right direction.

Finally, you expect your website and app to generate some leads for your business. But get 10 or20 website visitors and the same number of app downloads.

This is like spending a bucket full of million dollars to just to buy a few grams of peanuts.

Did you work so hard only to get those peanuts? Think about it!

Where did you go wrong? Actually, you did not go wrong.  That’s right! Actually, businesses are so busy talking about SEO, ASO, VSO etc. that they miss other small but very important aspects of business success on digital front.

You are reading absolutely right! And a logo design is one such aspect that every business must pay attention towards. Being a business owner, you can call it Logo Design Optimization.

What is Logo Design !

A plenty of such questions must be doing rounds in your mind. For example, how it can boost your digital marketing?

Is logo Design Optimization important for lead generation to increase ROI (Return on Investment)?

If yes, so how does it work?

What are the steps to optimize logo design to make your business easy to recognize for your existing and targeted audience?

Why Does Your Business Need a Perfectly Optimized Logo?

This is the most important question that we need to answer before seeking an answer to any other question mentioned above.

  • Logo is the face of your business. And any business cannot run away from this truth! It helps you make your customers recognize your business, services, products and even stores from a fair distance.
  • A business logo optimized to perfection is the symbol of professionalism to standout in the market.
  • It helps your business attract and retain loyal customers with ease.
  • A business having an optimized logo makes great first and lasting impression on every new customer.
  • Your customers are able to memorize the name of your business.
  • An optimized logo brings almost 90% customers back to your website and even stores for repeat purchase.
  • As far as your smartphone app is concerned, at least 79% smartphone users recognize your business app in play stores by your business logo. This is something that increases the number of downloads of your business app on smartphones to help people interact with your brand and make purchases using your business app from their smartphones. So make sure your business logo is perfectly optimized for App Store Optimization/Smartphones.

All these reasons are nothing but a tip of the whole iceberg.

Alright! Let’s Take A Few Examples Understand How an Optimized Logo Benefits Businesses:

You are not the only one whose business needs to have a logo optimized to perfection. Even popular brands like Paytm, Apple INC. Nike, McDonalds and even Coca Cola and Pepsi Etc. specifically focus on Logo optimization.  Do you want to know why? See below:

Paytm: Paytm

Do you see this Paytm Logo? This logo is very simple but perfectly optimized. You can it see it from a fair distance and recognize the company, its website in the search engine results and smartphone app in Android and ITunes play stores.

Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, Paytm is an established Indian brand in the domain of E-commerce and digital payments. The brand worked strategically to become a household name in India in the field of E-commerce and digital payments.

Paytm also took full advantage of demonetization announced in 2017 by Mr. Narendera Modi, The Honorable Prime Minister of India.

Logo Optimization was the very step taken by the brand. The objective was to make it easy for users to recognize its website in the search engine results and smartphone app in popular play stores. The brand wanted to give users the feel of trust, reliability, high security and responsibility.

A logo optimized for search engine results and app store results have helped Paytm achieve these goals for instant lead generation to see its ROI increasing like never before.

This helped millions of people recognize Paytm’s website with its logo in search engine results and registered for account.

Paytm’s app downloads on Google Android Play store and Apple ITunes Store crossed the landmark of more than 50 million downloads because of optimized logo.

And Facts Prove it!

  • More than 200 million users now recognize Paytm through its website and app logo that is optimized both for desktop and mobile phones.
  • More than 2 million merchants in India now prefer to seek payments of their services and goods through Paytm mobile app because its logo makes it easy for them to recognize the company anywhere.
  • Logo optimization has given Paytm mobile app more than 50 million downloads on Google Android play Store and Apple ITunes Store.
  • And almost 5 million transactions are happening on Paytm every day because people recognize the company, its website and app because of their logo that is optimized to perfection for every platform/device.

    Logo Design Optimization Is not Difficult:

That’s right! You must now be thinking about getting your website’s logo design optimized. Right? Proper optimization of logo helps improve your website’s ranking in Google. Images. It also ensures improved ranking of your website on some keywords in search engine results.

The List of Steps for Logo Optimization:

Do you want to know the way of optimizing logo design for better SEO ranking in search engine result?  The whole secret lies in executing the following list steps:

  • Place Logo Strategically on Website:

A lot of researches have been conducted in this regard. And outcome of all these researches advocates the placement of logo on the upper left-hand corner of your website’s home page. AS for reason, this user’s take notice of this corner of your website immediately after landing on home page.

  • Work on Colors and Shape of Your Website Logo:

Working on colors scheme and shape of your website’s logo to make sure it attracts user’s attention easily. Therefore, make sure your website logo is easy to recognize even in grayscale, black or white. And also have its inverted color version ready.

Original Color Version
Logo Color Version
Inverted Color Version

Talking about the shape of your website logo, always take Social Media into account and design its shape accordingly. For example, Linkedin and Facebook are the largest social media networks in the world, and they prefer squared logos.

For example:


  • Utilize Your Keywords as File Name:

Make sure you help search engines know the objective of your website. Naming or renaming your logo file with your targeted keywords can help you accomplish the task.

For example:

If talking experience is the objective of your website then you should name or rename your logo file as “talking-app-experience.png” or “talking-app-experience.jpg”. This will help Google know that your website is a platform for users to talk their experience about some mobile app etc..

  • Consider Adding Alt-Tags:

That’s right! Alt-tags are a medium for Google to understand the purpose your website will serve to users. Also make sure it contains your targeted keywords or a phrase. For example, see the picture below:

Alt Tags Optimization

Use Dashes Instead of the Underscores:

Google is dedicated to its objective of delivering high quality experience to users. This is why the largest search engine in the world does not want to compromise in this regard.

The use of dashes instead of the underscore better reading experience to users. This is why you are advised to name your logo file as “talking-app-experience” instead of the “talking_app_experience”.

Image Optimization Use of Dash

As for reason, taking care of this thing will help you direct the whole traffic to the actual page and also avoid Google penalties content delicacy.

  • Reduce the Size of Your Logo File:

90% of the websites get penalized by Google because their images and logos are too heavy to load. And visitors coming to your website do not have ages to wait for your website to load. Therefore, you must focus on reducing the size of your logo file significantly.

Do you want to get more users coming to your website and make purchases? Do you want to rank high in SERP’s? If yes, reduce the size of your logo file and reduce the load time of your website.

  • Associate Your Logo to Your Domain Name:

Now this is another key step for you to optimize your logo and let Google understands the objective of your website.  Associating your logo file to your domain name helps Google bots read the name of your logo file and alt-tags to understand that the purpose of your webpage are the keywords you are targeting.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you understand what exactly Paytm must have done to optimize their logo file and get ranked higher in search engine results. This is something that has instantly made Paytm a business success story from India at The Harvard University.

You should also do the same. Do not you have time to do it by yourself? Don’t worry! The best Logo optimization firms of experts will be happy to help you. Get in touch right now!

About the Author

Ankit Goyal is the Digital Marketing Expert at SoftProdigy, specializing in PPC. With years of expertise in PPC, Ankit has worked his way towards achieving the perfection of PPC skills.
Passionate about his work, he keeps in touch with the latest digital marketing trends and excellently executes them through his work. Ankit’s marketing brilliance snaps into action when it comes to delivering flawless PPC Management Services. It’s his zeal to learn and delivery of high-quality services that help him keep his clients happy and satisfied.

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