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What are Google Penalties?

Hmmm! Google penalties are a nightmare for businesses active on digital front. Let’s make it easy for you to understand Google Penalties.

Google Penalties mean that your website is not visible to your target audience in the search engine results because its ranking for targeted keyword has come down unexpectedly. This serious problem is an open invitation to financial disaster for your business for a number of reasons mentioned below:

  • Your targeted audience will not able to get to your website through search engine results.
  • Downfall in website traffic that can further lead to the loss of revenue.
  • The rank of your website could come down to some extent for some time.
Google Penalty Drop in Traffic
Source: Seranking

Actually these two reasons are linked to each other. If your targeted audience is not able to find your website in the search engine results then your website traffic and revenue will automatically get reduced drastically.

Coming back to the point, Google penalties are very much similar to penalties in professional sports that are imposed on players for doing something wrong or even for violating the rules of the game. Similarly, Google too has some strict webmaster guidelines that SEO marketers must abide by.

  • What Forces Google to Penalize Websites?

 This really is a million dollar question! Google, the largest search engine in the world, from time to time, keeps on bringing changes in its policy or rules about the way content or websites are indexed in its SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

According to the Google Penalty Recovery Service providers, if your website does not abide by the rules of Google or distributes malware and is found engaged in implementing unethical SEO techniques, it stands a good chance of getting penalized by the Google.  However, this is merely a tip of the entire iceberg.

Mentioned below are some reasons why Google can penalize or even ban your website temporarily or permanently:

Recover Google Penalty Issue

  • Cloaking:

Cloaking is one of Black Hat SEO practices. Google considers Cloaking as a violation of its Webmaster Guidelines. As for reason, Cloaking serves content to users and also the search engines that is entirely different from what they were expecting.  You are advised to keep your website away from cloaking otherwise Google will blacklist it.

Website Cloaking Issue

  • Copied Content:

Plagiarism is an intolerable Black Hat SEO technique. Would you like to waste your time to read the same story again and again? A big No is the right answer to this question because of the following disadvantages of plagiarized content:

  • Google is the enemy of copied content. Therefore, plagiarism makes your website subject to Google Penalties. Also your website stands a good chance of facing rejection by AdSense for lifetime.
  • Readers would not like to waste their time to read content on your website that they have already read on multiple websites.
  • Even Google will not show any interest in it.
  • Copied content affect your SEO campaign adversely.
  • Even high quality content of your website goes down in search engine result pages because of plagiarized content.
  • No users.
  • Loss of revenue.

Therefore, stop being a copycat. Also make sure that every single page of your website has 100% original content that offers new bad valuable knowledge to readers.

Duplicate Content Issue

  • Stuffing of Keywords:

Do you think keyword stuffing is in the good books of Google? This is another Black Hat SEO practice that particularly refers to excessive usage of keywords with the objective of manipulating website’s ranking in the Google Search Engine Result Pages. Google’s tools are very smart to detect excessive use of keywords in your website’s content. Using keywords excessively often creates negative experience for users. Therefore, you are advised to not to have sweet tooth for keyword stuffing in your website’s content. Following are the disadvantages of keyword stuffing:

  • 90% of your readers will feel ennui on your website. They will not comeback.
  • You will end up losing at least 40% chances of lead generation.
  • Spamming is another problem.
  • You will never come to know what keywords readers are searching for.In simple words, do not use a particular set of words in a group as shown in a picture below:
Keyword Stuffing Issue
Source: SEOPressor
  • Link Spamming:

This is also known as Paid Linking or Farmed Linking. And Google does not like it. Google is an ardent supporter of websites having organic links from actual users. But if your website is having paid links or unnatural link, Google Police is coming for you!

Link Spamming Issue

  • Hidden Text:

You cannot fool and spam Google. Google is extremely smart to catch any kind of hidden text in your website. This Black Hat SEO technique of bygone era is still used by businesses to get their website ranking in search engine result pages. Google focuses on creating high quality experience for users within its search results. Therefore, Google does not like it. Therefore, Google Police advises you not to use this black Hat SEO technique to avoid the following disadvantage:

  • Your website will get banned permanently.
  • You will lose customer base.
  • Your revenue will fall.

Hidden Text on Website

  • Malware:

Be careful as Malware are one of the major reasons of Google Penalties to your website. You should always be on your toes and quickly recognize anything that looks like a malware even to one percent. The involvement of your website in automatic downloading of a software invites the Google Police to penalize your website as these software are generally malware that can harm user’s experience or even their computer system. Malware could of any type such as:

  • A Virus
  • A Trojan Horse
  • An Adware
  • A Spyware
    Malware On Website
    Source: Information Security Buzz

    Disadvantageous of Malware in Your Website:

    • Malware often boost the SEO of your competitors.
    • The quality of your website’s content will suffer. There will be too many poor comments to keep readers at bay from your website.
    • Google will penalize your website with considerate drop in SEO ranking.
    • Online Reputation of your website and business will suffer drastically.


    • Spun Text:

    Google hates spun text and heavily penalizes websites having spun text. Google recognizes this futuristic content marketing tool as a Black Hat SEO practice. Such article spinning tools are used by a countless number of marketing scammers that internet is home to.  Google considers article spinning a terrible content marketing practice and penalize every website containing robot-written text.

    Spun Text Issue

    Disadvantages of Article spinning:

    • Production of poor quality content
    • Google hammers your website’s ranking down in search engine rankings.
    • Online Reputation of your business suffers to a great deal.
    • Spun text often leads to plagiarism that can land you in legal hot waters.


    Final Words:

    Sweet Tooth for such black hat practice for high website ranking in search engine result pages sooner or later gets your website arrested and penalized heavily by the Google Police. Don’t lose hope lies eternal! There are some tools and tricks available to help you recover from Google Penalties.

    You can even get in touch with the best SEO service provider in this regard.

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