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What is AMP?

Well! Don’t worry if you are not aware of the term. We bring to you a comprehensive guide, which contains every detail on AMP. Tech enthusiasts, get ready to update your knowledge levels with the same!

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AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages for eCommerce and is an open-source initiative by Google that assists the publishers to create faster-loading pages to enhance the experience of the users on mobile devices. With AMP, there is no need to change the primary code structure.

Components of AMP

AMP is made up of three components:


Custom HTML tags are added to the website. To show an AMP-led version of the website on mobile devices, a change in code structure can be used.

2. AMP JavaScript

AMP uses a JavaScript framework to facilitate easier loading on the mobile devices as regular JS doesn’t work with AMP HTML.

3. AMP Styling

AMP offers an array of templates for developers to deliver websites faster. This feature makes the developing of the website easier.

Implementation of AMP for eCommerce

Website’s loading time counts the most. If a website takes more than three seconds to load, most of the users will leave the website instantly. Isn’t this fact enough to justify the importance of AMP for eCommerce?

Companies have acknowledged this fact and have come forward to reap the benefits of AMP. If companies can provide their buyers with the amazing shopping experience, they have already achieved a major portion of their business goals.

AMP has made it possible for the companies to allow their customers to find relevant information at the earliest. To create a fast and desired experience for the users, AMP features come to the forefront. These features can be discussed in the following parts:

  • The amp-carousel enables the horizontal display of multiple pieces of related content.
  • The amp-video allows you to embed a video from your own source and if you wish to embed a third-party video then you can use amp-youtube or amp-iframe.
  • The amp-accordion is useful when you want to hide and show a large amount of content in respective sections.
  • The amp-sidebar helps users to navigate to other sections of the site.
  • The amp-list is used for embedding a list of related articles.
  • The amp-mustache is basically a logic-less template syntax.
  • The amp-access gives control to the publisher to check which content can be accessed by a reader and what restrictions are applicable, based on the subscription status of the reader along with other factors.
  • The amp-analytics show the engagement status of the users with a site.

Benefits of AMP

1. Boosts SEO ranking and website traffic

A user’s browsing experience is directly proportional to SEO ranking and website traffic. AMP reduces the website’s loading time and the number of visitors starts increasing. This is what every business wishes to achieve through its efforts.

2. Lowers bounce rate

Faster loading means the visitor will not get the chance to click the back button and will stay there for a longer period of time. It increases the user’s time-on-site and reduces the bounce rate. Low bounce rate increases the level of trust among the audience.

3. Increased Ad views

HTML is coded in such a way to increase Ad views. It helps the publishers to get more views and make their presence felt among the viewers. This improves their visibility on the internet. They are also able to add value to their sites.

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