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The big question buzzing these days is whether Steem Blockchain-based applications are really profitable or not?

If you have the same question, you will definitely get an answer over here. However, before that, let’s discuss what Steem is, how does it function, what are the best applications which were developed on top of Steem Blockchain, and how they are responding.

SteemIt is a blockchain-based social media platform, which has a lot of users participating in its network. Every time a user posts valuable content to the community, they are rewarded and incentivized. The community of this platform includes content creators, curators, readers, and entrepreneurs.

The platform’s concept and intentions of the creators have been proved profitable to many. This platform gives developers a new technology to work upon and its Steem bot development allows them to develop automation on top of Steem. If you are creating your own plugins, you can also integrate those within the bot.

Mentioned below are a few applications based on Steem Blockchain development:

DTube (YouTube)

As the name signifies, it is a replica of YouTube itself. This platform helps you create your own channel and post videos as you do with YouTube. You can also earn money through it similar to YouTube but here you earn when you receive upvotes for the video you have posted.

DLive (YouTube Gaming)

This application lets you play video games online and create a channel to broadcast live. This also offers many ways to earn. It is similar to the YouTube Gaming which you are already familiar with.

Busy.org (Similar to Medium)

This application is similar to Medium as it has similar editing features and is known as Medium of Steem development. It has an interactive interface and is a smaller version of SteemIt.


This is similar to DTube but this platform is designed to serve the musicians and audio content creators. Just like DTube, your content can get monetized through application whenever a user upvotes for your shared audio content.


You can call this as a decentralized fundraising platform. As the name says, this platform offers an easy way to increase funds in the business based on the Steem Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain technology has tasted success in the past years and its models have experienced more stability than its counterparts. This increased the chances of new business models in the process at a rapid speed. Its decentralized nature makes it more sustainable.

There are many SteemIt companies running successfully and developing applications which proved profitable for many users. The applications shared above are the examples that are serving well. These applications would give a long-term revolution in the online publishing world.

If you are interested in Steem apps development and don’t know where to start then get in touch with us. We are a top-notch Blockchain development company in India and we are providing high-quality Blockchain apps to our clients across the globe. Contact us as we are always happy to help and get your application built on SteemIt Blockchain Development.

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