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Blockchain is the hottest buzzword among techies these days. The sudden boom in Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies brought this backend technology into highlights. Its application has already disrupted many industries in different parts of the world. Now SEO outsourcing companies in India are ready to explore its application on the digital marketing front.

How Is It Going to Add Value to SEO?

This immutable and decentralized will eliminate the requirement of a sole third-party record keeper. All parties available on the network will have a record similar to the spreadsheet. Spreadsheet gets updated immediately after the activity. It can notice every discrepancy from many records and can easily nullify the bad data to prevent data falsification on spreadsheets.

Now SEO outsourcing companies in India are actually planning to incorporate it because it creates a permanent trail to ensure the legitimacy all-important SEO aspects to help them save their clients millions of dollars they lose to digital advertisement fraud and a lot more.

This list of reasons doesn’t end here only. There are some more and solid reasons why expert SEO service providers in India are considering its incorporation and application for digital marketing. For example:

  • Authentic Data Verification
  • Keyword Research

It is for many reasons. For example:

  • Blockchain incorporation and implementation in SEO practices offer authentic human traffic verification and its separation from the bots. It makes it easy to identify whether your ad was clicked by some organic visitor or a bot. All in all, expert SEO service providers in India are considering its application in SEO to help their clients get connected directly with verified potential customers.
  • When it comes to keywords, they perform differently in different settings. The output of keywords also varies according to the device type users are using. It offers token incentive to boost keywords for utilizing background space on every device to ensure the creation of in-depth aggregation of data-heavy results.

So, if you are thinking about seeking SEO services for your business then you should also think about exploring the potential of Blockchain technology. It will save you a lot of money your business loses to digital ad-frauds.

Expert SEO Service providers in India could also be a great help to you on this front.


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