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Mobile apps are here, there and everywhere. They are determining the success and failure of businesses. This is why seeking mobile app development services for business for growth has become the order of the day.

Modern mobile apps are interactive and capable enough to cater to all requirements of smartphone users with just a few taps of fingers. This is why people no longer want to touch their laptops or desktops or go to physical stores of businesses to buy anything they want to buy.

In other words, mobile apps allow users to order everything from the comfort of their home or office. They can even pay for their orders using those mobile apps.

And Facts Do Not Lie!

A lot of businesses are now approaching mobile app development companies to get a powerful mobile app developed to grow their business.

According to a report published on Microsoft , more than 70% users are now spending almost 86% of their mobile time on apps. They are spending only 14% of their mobile time on mobile optimized websites, confirms Flurry’s Data.

Time Spent on ios, android devices

Mobile apps are the best medium of interactive marketing and Neuromarketing.

In the year 2015, usage of mobile apps by smartphone users helped businesses throughout the world to generate the revenue of almost 69.7 billion U.S Dollars. And it went on to increase up to 88.3 billion U.S dollars in 2016. And this number is only going up as a report published on Statista projects the revenue generated by mobile apps to reach the amount of 188.9 billion U.S Dollars by 2020.

Mobile App Revenue Stats

In the year 2009, smartphone users from all parts of the world collectively spent only 4 billion U.S for making purchases using mobile apps. Since then. Seeing this, businesses all over the world are constantly hiring high quality mobile app developers. As a result of it, the amount of money spent by smartphone users increased up to 35 billion U.S Dollars in 2015, confirms another report published on Statista. And this number still increasing like a wildfire.

Global Spending on Mobile Apps

Let’s Get to the Bottom Line Now:

Internet is home to unlimited facts about everything. You can get unlimited facts even about application development for smartphones. Some of them will be reliable whereas some of them will be unreliable.

Therefore, examples testify everything slightly better than facts!

Therefore, let’s talk about some businesses that became a household name because of seeking mobile app development services in India.

Chai Point:

Chai Point Logo

Enough talking about Paytm and the way it became an Indian corporate success story at The Harvard University because of a mobile app.

New is life! So now it is time to talk about Chai Point and know how mobile app developers in India made it household name.

 A Word about Chai Point:

Let’s first tell you the meaning of Chai Point. Chai is a Hindi (Indian) term used for tea. So Chai Point means a place where you can visit to enjoy a cup of delicious tea.

A Harvard Business School Graduate, has been making since 2010. Generally, Indians are expected to become a tea seller after graduating from the Harvard Business School Graduate.

Since Mr. Amuleek Singh Bijral had been studying tea leaves thoroughly for many years, he decided to use his knowledge of tea leaves and open Chai Point.

Chai Point was progressing as a business. But growth rate until 2014 was not according to his expectations. And Chai Point hardly had 10 stores up and running. And this is when he finally decided hired mobile app developers in India and got one very attractive and interactive and easy use mobile app developed.

Now the company has its own listed in various popular play stores like Google Play Store and ITunes etc. Anyone having a smartphone running on Android and iOS operating can download their app and order a delicious cup of natural tea from the comfort of home or office.

Once you place your tea order using Chai Point app, you will get the tea delivered at your doorstep in less than 30 minutes.

But how did Chai Point become talk of the town with mobile app development services in India? This is the million dollar question we are seeking to answer to.

Let’s get the answer below by talking about the features of Chai Point App.

Chai Point Mobile APP

Download it from Google Play Store. If you are an iPhone user, it is also available in ITunes App Store. If you are a new user then you can simply provide you mobile number and setup a password. You will get a message from Chai Point containing OTP (One Time Password) for user verification. Just enter it in app. Once you enter the OPT, that’s it! You are a verified member of Chai Point App.

But if you are an existing user, just enter the password and mobile number to login.

Chai Point App Login

Placement of Orders for Tea and Breakfast:

Working people of India love to have their refreshing drinks and breakfast on-the-go. This is why need something like tea and food the gets cooked quickly and is healthy also. Tea is one of the leading beverage India and tops the Indian beverage market with 33, 000 Crore rupees return on investment annually.

This is why Chai Point came up with the idea of hiring a mobile app development companies in India to have an app. The objective to get a mobile app developed was to let people place orders for their favorite type of tea from anywhere with ease.

Using Chai Point mobile app, you can order any type of tea you want to relish. From here you can even order iced tea of any type to stay cool throughout the day.

Order Tea and Breakfast

For Breakfast Order:

Breakfast has to be full of energy and natural freshness. If you do not have time to cook breakfast at home because you are getting late from office then Chai Point is best friend. Just open the app you will get the All Day breakfast on your mobile screen. You can even order snacks and Maggi.

Order Breakfast on ChaiPoint

Now You Can Place Orders Using Chai Point App?

This is very easy! Just open the app. Now login by entering your mobile number and password.

  • Now should select whatever you want to order. For example, if want to order tea then select tea option and chose the type of tea you want to order.
  • If you want to have breakfast then chose All day breakfast option and chose whatever you wish to eat.
  • Similarly click on anything like Shakes, Snacks and Maggi you want to order.

Here, you will have to enter your current location or the location where you want Chai Point to deliver your order. To help your for this purpose, Chai point app has very interactive map feature to detect your location automatically. You just have to tap at the address of your location. You can even add your delivery address manually.

Select Location on ChaiPoint

Other Useful Options:

Hiring a high quality mobile app development companies in India helped Chai Point get a number of other useful features under menu list. Following are those features:

Order Now: o help you order your favorite tea, shakes, snacks, magi or even breakfast you want to relish.

Order History: to help you see the lists of your completed and pending orders:


Like Paytm, McDonalds, Ola Cabs and many other e-commerce businesses, Chai Point also keeps on providing coupons and promo codes to app users to grow its customer base. Just click this option under menu list and get to see the list of rewards you can avail.


like all e-commerce businesses, Chai Point delivers all notifications to its users here.

Store Locations: This is where you can check the availability of Chai Point Stores in your city. Here, you can also check the opening and closing times and status of any Chai Point Store.


This option in answer all your common queries.


This Chai Point app option allows users to edit their personal information and app password and saved delivery addresses for faster checkout. You can also see your wallet balance and make payments at the store.

Chai Point App features


This is the most important feature of Chai Point. You are Chai Point Store? No cash in your pocket? No problem! Just add money your Chai Point wallet using your credit or debit card and pay the bill and get cashback also.

Chai Point Wallet


You can also pay the store in the form of cash.

Since getting a mobile app developed in 2014, Chai Point business has quadrupled because users are able to place orders from their home and office using mobiles. As a result, Mr. Amuleek Singh Bijral, CEO of Chai Point, is now selling more than 3, 00, 000 cups of delicious and healthy tea on each of its 94 locations in 16 cities of India on daily basis.

Do you have an e-commerce business to grow? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the mobile app development companies immediately and see it becoming a household name like Chai Point.

About the Author

A very zealous lead mobile app developer at SoftProdigy, Anirudh works his way through a diverse experience in the niche of android and iOS development. As a technical lead, Anirudh is the front-runner for all the development activities performed by SoftProdigy’s mobile app development team.
He possesses matchless expertise in Corona, PhoneGap, JQuery, Xamarin, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, IoT, Objective-C, Swift and other SDKs with a high-end understanding of the mobile ecosystem.

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