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COVID-19 has drastically spread all around the world, leaving us very conscious about our health and safety. Despite practising social-distancing and safety measures, we will always remain in constant threat – the threat of becoming positive by getting in contact with Corona virus until or unless there will be a vaccine for it.

While the battle against the pandemic continues, many people are finding some innovative ways to help humanity fight COVID-19. Businesses and individuals are looking at technology to create innovative ways and solutions to defeat the Coronavirus.

Through this writing piece, we took an opportunity to help you discover some helpful ideas and develop performance-based, problem-solving digital solutions/platforms that will help people stay safe during these adverse times. Read on to discover more.

  1. Surveillance and Tracking Apps

For many deep-thinking businesses and organizations, developing sophisticated and expansive surveillance system for the public sector is the need of the hour. They are looking for a system that can ably track millions of people at a time. Here, smartphone apps can create wonders by helping people stay aware of the surrounding and track their movements. The concept of developing a digital contact tracing app is already a successful idea, but you can give it a personal touch by incorporating some new features and technologies such as React Native consulting services.

  • Data and Face Recognition Systems

For direct access to public health data and information, the creation of dashboards has been done in many digital spheres. It has been continuously monitoring COVID-19 and its records. Here, using face recognition and infrared temperature detection technology can help the world learn more about the spread of virus. For instance, the AI-powered system can be developed to effectively screen a big population and detect infected ones, giving the world more accurate public health data.

  • Digital Platforms for Education

The use of digital technology can help us boost the level of teaching and can enable us to find new answers post-COVID. Today, teachers as well as students need to get involved in digital technologies so that they can address their needs. To provide justifiable and comprehensive access to education, you need to create and provide a platform that will be affordable, so that it minimizes digital divides.

  • Remote Working Solutions

At present, remote working has become a saviour for many businesses – one of the greatest solutions to stay safe from the virus. To maintain social-distancing and business continuity while working from home, you need to incorporate technologies that give you access to data, cloud conferencing, virtual meetings, etc. Such solutions are the forefront leaders that ensure businesses are not impacted by the pandemic.

The Ending Note

So far, this pandemic has been an uncertain and wicked time. One thing we all need to acknowledge is that the present scenario needs to be tackled with an extensive suite of innovative solutions integrated with problem-solving technologies such as React Native consulting services.

Have any creative idea? Bring it to life with our experts.

Summary: To tackle pandemic situations such as the present one, technology can play a vital role in different spheres. It can help people with its some problem-solving innovations and solutions. Here are a few ideas to combat the ongoing pandemic with technology.

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