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On one side Corona Virus pandemic has shattered several businesses, which caused a loss of numerous jobs. However, it has also resulted in the advent of innovative mobile apps and technologies to help several industries to run even when people are practicing strict social distancing.

Now that most countries across the world are lifting restrictions on the movement of people and reopening businesses, the risk of the next wave of infections becomes higher.

Therefore, we have seen Apple, Google, and other researchers collaborating to build personalized peer-to-peer contact tracing apps to prevent the spread of the highly-communicable virus. Nearly 23 machine learning researchers have proposed that these apps can potentially shift the pattern of COVID-19 spread in the community.

Traditionally, the contact tracing happens manually, which starts with a positive diagnosis. In this method, the healthcare officials contact the COVID-19 positive individuals and ask them about their physical contacts over the past two weeks. However, this is undoubtedly time-consuming and resource-heavy work. Thus, with the help of these innovative and latest technologies, contact tracing has become easier than ever. Several countries have already started using applications and services that help in tracking Coronavirus contact, while some are still in the development process.

So, both government and non-government agencies have started to rely on Android and iOS app development agencies to ensure that there are efficient apps working on the issue..

Let’s see how countries throughout the world are leveraging innovation and technologies to prevent COVID-19 community spread.

In South Korea, the officials are tracking the movement of Corona virus positive individuals through GPS phone tracking, credit card transactions, surveillance camera records, and more. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of Korea issues real-time alerts that help know the exact location of infected individuals. According to the South Korean government, they have seen flattening of the COVID-19 curve using automated tracing, which takes nearly 10 minutes per case. Thus, it is quite visible that the rapid adoption of new technologies for contact tracing has been proven effective in South Korea.

While automatic contact tracing solutions seem like a blessing to South Korea, new technologies may not have the same effect in other countries. For example, we have also seen many countries revolting against the use of face masks and automatic contact tracing apps, and practicing social distancing, as a threat to their freedom and fundamental rights.

When it comes to automatic contact tracing apps, they use Bluetooth technology or GPS data from the individual’s phone to find out at what time and where the users got exposed to the virus. On the other hand, Bluetooth proximity is used in other apps to trace all the latest contacts with the help of the exchange of low-energy Bluetooth radio signals with neighboring phones. But most people prefer Bluetooth “handshakes” method over the location data due to better privacy.

These are some of the ways countries are using automatic contact tracing apps to prevent the press of Corona virus in the community. If you have an idea or want to build such apps for your business, contact the top app development company in the region. We, at SoftProdigy Solutions, have experts who have years of experience in developing innovative and trendy mobile apps.

Summary – Are contact tracing apps bringing any difference to the pandemic situation? Learn with the help of examples from different tech giants and countries how these innovative apps have changed the game of contact tracing.

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