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In this world of digitalization, businesses are making constant attempts to reach out to their target audience. Whether you’ve just started your own business or have been in this field for a while, you should know that apart from having an attractive and user-friendly website, you also need engaging content.

You can include texts, pictures, graphics, and videos to make your business website interesting and attractive. All this not only adds value for your reader but also registered by search engines.  Apart from this, you also need to regularly maintain your content to keep your visitors returning to your website. When we say maintaining content, it means updating, revising, publishing, and managing content regularly.

However, it is not an easy task to maintain bigger websites. This is why we have content management system platforms to complete the tasks for you. A content management system is a software program that offers a user-friendly and intuitive way to manage website content without knowing specialized programming.

In this post, we will look at the top enterprise CMSs for 2020, recommended by the leading CMS development companies in India.

  • MS SharePoint

MS SharePoint, also refers to Microsoft SharePoint, is a web-based collaborative platform. When used in tandem along with Microsoft SQL Server, it provides businesses with reporting and intelligence analytics. Together, they offer BL content including reports, data connections, dashboards, scorecards, and more.

  • Box

Box is an online cloud content management and filing sharing service provider that meets the needs of individual users and businesses.

  • PowerDMS

It is a cloud-based software program that enables businesses to store and distribute content online. PowerDMS comes with practical tools to manage crucial documents and is focused on industry standards. This software is mostly used by Law Enforcement, Fire, Healthcare, and Corrections Organizations.

  • M-Files

M-Files offers intelligent information management solutions that help businesses improve their performance by letting people find and use the information efficiently. It disrupts the traditional enterprise content management systems by using a unique approach that removes information silos and provides easy access to the right content and data.

  • Laserfiche

It is a content management platform that meets the needs of various industries such as education, accounting, real estate, construction, manufacturing, and health. Laserfiche incorporates content management functionality with business process management and offers document scanning, search features, data capture, metadata modification, and tools for workflow automation.

  • Egnyte

Egnyte is an online content management software program that provides secure file sharing, collaboration solutions, and intelligent content services. These services can be beneficial for small, medium, and large businesses.

  • OnBase by Hyland

Onbase by Hyland is the leading solution for managing processes, content, and cases. It is a single enterprise content management platform is designed in such a way to allow users to tailor solutions, depending on their specific needs.

These are some of the top listed enterprise content management system platforms. To choose the most suitable option for your business, it is essential to set your priorities and needs straight. If you’re looking for the most trusted CMS development services provider, feel free to contact our experts at SoftProdigy Solutions.

Summary – With the advent of Content Management System platforms, managing content and website have become simpler than ever. Learn about some of the most common ones.

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