Clarifying Our Cookies Usage Policy

Know Cookies:

Cookies are actually a small file placed on users' system's device storage. This is done with user' permission for performing some vital jobs.

For Example:
  • Analyzing traffic on website.
SoftProdigy Solutions's Purpose of Using Cookies:

We use Traffic Log cookies to identify the webpages user/visitors/subscribers are browsing. Mentioned below are the objectives of our organization's cookies usage policy:

All in all, SoftProdigy Solutions is a global leader in the domain of digital technology development use. Therefore, we practice the ethical use of cookies. This is why we don't ask/look for more than the basic information of users/visitors/subscribers. The basic information of our users/visitors we look for is limited to the following only: The first and last name of users/visitors/subscribers. The contact information like e-mail and phone number of our users/visitors/subscribers. We respect our users'/visitors'/subscribers' data privacy and don't practice its sale to any third party. We use their information for statistical analysis only and remove it from our servers immediately after this. We make sure our user'/visitors'/subscribers' all types of sensitive information (debit/credit cards etc.) is transmitted to us in a securely encrypted form. The presence of Closed Lock Icon at the bottom of your web browser or the HTTPS at the start of the webpage's address prove it. Most importantly, SoftProdigy Solutions fully complies with European Union's Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is a regulation in European Union law related to the protection of data and privacy for every single individual and business entity within the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). All in all, as a responsible organization, SoftProdigy doesn't aim to access the computer system, mobile device, tablets of any other information relevant to them. We just access the information that you agree or decide to share with us. Our purpose of using cookies is to improve your overall experience on our website.

Cookies Management Options for the Users/Visitors' of SoftProdigy Solutions

All of our website user/visitors and subscribers are given full rights to accept or decline the cookies we use within our website. Most of the web browsers used in the world are programmed to accept cookies automatically. You can adjust settings of your browsers to decline cookies used within our website. However, you may not be able to take our website's full advantage because of this.

Coming to the point, you should check the following links to know the way you can choose to accept/delete or block cookies as per the type of browser installed in your device.

  • Opera
  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer
  • Apple Safari
  • Firefox Mozilla
  • Google Chrome
  • The List of Cookies Used Within Our Website:

    You are advised to go through the following table to know about the cookies used within our website:

    Sr.NoCookies NameExpiry Date and DurationFunctionality
    01_gaTakes two years to expire.It can be set. It used for distinguishing users by Google Analytics.
    02_gidExpires after 24 hours.It can't be set. It is also used for distinguishing users by Google Analytics.
    03_gatExpires after 1 minute only.It can't be set. It Controls the request rate. Remember, in case Google Analytics is used through Google Tag Manager, this cookie gets renamed as _dc_gtm_.
    04PHPSESSIDWhen users' session ends.When PHP creates a sessions, a cookie named PHPSESSID is created. Browser receives only its value. This value references something on the server (usually it is a file that contains a serialized version of all of the information related to the session). The browser never gets access to this unless the author of the site explicitly writes all the session data out to the browser.
    A Word About Links to External Websites:

    Our website may also contain some links to external websites of interests. All those external websites are not governed by the privacy policy statement of SoftProdigy Solutions. It is because we don't have any control over those sites.

    You are strongly advised to read our Privacy Policy fully and carefully to know more in this regard.

    It is because SoftProdigy Solutions doesn't guarantee the security and privacy of any kind of information you decide to share while visiting those websites.

    Taking all this into consideration, you are advised to practice the highest level of caution at your own. You are also advised to go through their privacy policy applicable to their websites.

    Last Updated On 2018-06-19

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