Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency is overtaking the physical and even traditional digital forms of currencies. If you’re fancied by the idea of cryptocurrency and want to make the most out of it, the best cryptocurrency creation service provider is here to help!

Being the first decentralized ledger currency in the world, Bitcoin is a massive hit nowadays. Get your cryptocurrency created, too!

You have already seen how Bitcoin rose to the heights of the market, attaining an unbelievable market value in a matter of years. It doesn’t seem to be any less than a miracle and things have unfolded pretty well for the Bitcoin holders and the ones dealing in it.

If you’re impressed by the success of Bitcoin and want to create your own cryptocurrency, you’ve landed at just the right place!


With time and years of experience in the digital market, SoftProdigy has gained great expertise in creating and developing cryptocurrencies. Thus, helping businesses gain from the prevailing trends.


Our learned experts are all-equipped with the Our learned experts possess the knowledge of creating new cryptocurrencies with top-notch security features along with the highly extensible wallets for holding those cryptocurrencies over mobile and web. Since the inception of bitcoins for online investments, we’ve been creating custom wallets that offer you an easy and secure transaction. So, give our cryptocurrency developers a chance to deliver the best services for your business.


Throughout the past period of time, our experts have kept a close eye on the changing trends of cryptocurrency and thus, if you plan to create your own cryptocurrency, we can be your best bet! So, choose us to get the perfect cryptocurrency created for your success.

Cryptocurrency Development
  • Cryptocurrency Web Development

    With the growth of cryptocurrency in the digital world, we have worked real hard in adapting our skills and meet the needs of the businesses today! Our hard work and skills reaped the fruits and we are now home of the best cryptocurrency developers you can ever find for your business. Give us a chance for our cryptocurrency creation service for best results.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

    In order to send, receive, and monitor virtual currencies, SoftProdigy specializes in cryptocurrency Wallet Development services that ensure the secure management of crypto-assets. With an aim to provide safe and reliable transactions with complete anonymity, we leverage blockchain technology to develop our cryptocurrency wallets. Want to know more about cryptocurrency Wallet Development services? Our highly experienced and efficient team of wallet developers is always here to help!

  • Cryptocurrency Software Development

    Our veteran cryptocurrency developers help create the best cryptocurrency software to manage your payments. The software programs developed by us have full potential to process countless online transactions throughout the communication channels. The benefits of our cryptocurrency software programs can be availed by simply installing it to any device. Thus, things get easy for end users.

  • Versatile Cryptocurrency Development Services

    Wondering how to create your own cryptocurrency? It’s time to avail SoftProdigy’s versatile cryptocurrency development services like crypto coin creation, blockchain development, smart contracts development, hyperledger and more. Leveraging a highly scalable and secure blockchain along with cutting-edge technology, our innovative experts create an advanced digital currency customized to your business needs.

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Steem Forever
Steem Forever

Make your Each and Every vote count.

  • Rewards are paid out automatically via reward sharing.
  • Steem Forever works with any existing post.
  • Any of the steemian can add as much rewards in their wallet by using steem forever.
  • Upvote post and comments via

Steem Vote Exchange Club
Steem Vote Club

Vote Optimization with vote exchange club.

  • Automated Bot solution that lets the Steem users maximize their return of Steem Power.
  • Set Voting power- detects the influence of up votes.
  • Club member with active posts and available voting power are identified.
  • Matched users vote on each other’s post to get their votes equally adjusted.

Steem Bounty
Steem Bounty

Blockchain based platform that allows users to add financial value to their content.

  • Leverages the power of existing Steem platform by adding an additional layer of monetization on Steemit.
  • A Web UI was developed on top of the Bot and the servers.
  • Bounty concept offers rewards to the community.
  • Revenue generation stream is created for the client.

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