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DApp is an abbreviated form for decentralized application which has its backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. DApp is also an acronym to remember its five qualities- Dated, Achievable, Personal, Positive, and Specific. Its frontend code can be written in any programming language.

DApps run on a blockchain and allows developers to build their own applications and even create their own blockchain tokens.



How Does DApp Work?

The frontend of decentralized apps shares many similarities with centralized apps. The difference is that of the backend. DApps connect the apps to the blockchain instead of a centralized server.

All the data can be stored and financial transactions can be made through blockchain. The most important point which needs to be taken into consideration is that there is no need for a third party to keep a check on these things.

DApps can also accept cryptocurrencies which most of the centralized apps don’t do. This feature attracts users towards DApp. And since there is no central authority to regulate the working, it allows users and app creators to connect directly.


Challenges of DApps:

Currently, DApps are facing many challenges. DApp development may not be the present but is definitely the future. It is due to the challenges that decentralized applications are facing from the developer as well as the user point of view. Let’s explore these challenges!

  • Decentralization

DApps, being decentralized, brings in more complexity to the issues regarding the speed of taking action during the feedback loop. To overcome this challenge, it requires time to build such an environment in which the parties can share the same interests of keeping the integrity of the platform intact. This factor is keeping DApps behind other technologies.

  • Usability

DApp does not facilitate the less tech-savvy people to use it for users need to have wallets that hold blockchain specific tokens. In addition to that, users are also required to keep private keys to access their wallet and sign transactions. In case, the private key is lost or forgotten, it cannot be reset again. Also, people are not used to holding pieces of data stored on the internet for they believe more in physical elements like gold, silver etc.

  • Limit on storage of data

Limit on the storage of data on a blockchain imposes another challenge for DApps as it restricts the users to store files of large size here. In that case, users have to store such files on a centralized server. This leaves the users in a state of confusion and gives DApps a complex outlook.

  • Transaction Fees

Before building a DApp, you need to have a token and for that, you need to choose which blockchain to create it on. The current state of DApps needs to be upgraded and is working on the provision of multiple solutions to combat this issue. This is being done to bring its transaction capacity at par with other centralized apps.

  • Chances of Misuse

Decentralized applications are a soft target for the criminals as its anonymous and decentralized nature attract criminals to misuse it. If criminals start using DApps, it can create a serious problem for the industry and the governing bodies may start to intervene, which will make the situation opposite from the present one. It is still progressing gradually.



Though these challenges are making DApps complex, DApps are still very famous among the developers and users are getting comfortable with it.

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