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We all know Drupal as the leading Content Management System. With almost two decades in the industry, developers can get access to nearly 2,700 themes and 38,000 modules and build dynamic, feature-rich websites. Also, Drupal has been in the market for more years than WordPress, so it boasts a large and vibrant community.

Due to its high flexibility in terms of scalability, innovation, and speed of development, businesses, both startups, and well-established are relying on Drupal web development companies in India and worldwide. You might have read several articles telling the benefits of using Drupal for developing your website. However, in this post, we will look at the little-known facts about Drupal.

#1. Not launched as a web development platform

Today, Drupal has nearly one million users around the globe, making it the third most popular Content Management System. Launched in 2020, the primary purpose of this platform was to be used as a message board rather than a web development platform. But as an old saying, “you never know what your future holds,” the same thing happened to Drupal also. Later, Buytaert changed it into an open-source platform with no looking back.

#2. Widely accepted by the education sector

With 71 out of the top 100 universities using Drupal-based websites, we can say that Drupal is the preferred choice of the education sector. Therefore, it can be summed up that nearly 28% of educational websites run on Drupal.

#3. It has a one million+ strong community

Drupal is older than WordPress. Thus, it has support from an active and large community. The team is working consistently to make the platform more convenient and flexible to develop all sizes and kinds of websites, such as simple blog sites and complex functionality. As a result, websites using Drupal have increased from 378,600 to 1,021,009 between 2011-2014.

#4. Multilingualism

Whether you know it or not but Drupal is available in 100 languages, which allows developers to create websites in local languages with ease. Well, this is one of the compelling reasons why most local businesses hire Drupal web development companies in India.

#5. The US presidential candidate made it popular

Do you know in the initial years after the launch, Drupal wasn’t known to many, as it is today? All thanks to the team of Howard Dean, who made this open-source platform during the United States presidential election in 2014. Well, this came after when Dean’s team used Drupal to create DeanSpace – an app to help websites and users in favor of Dean to communicate with each other.

The dean’s team continued using Drupal even after the election campaign to develop a Drupal-powered web application. And this was the beginning of Drupal – the web development platform.

If you think Drupal is the most suitable platform for your upcoming project, get in touch with SoftProdigy. With numerous satisfied clients, we have gained popularity as the leading Drupal web development company in India.

Summary – Drupal is a reliable CMS, which comes with several free, responsive themes and modules. Plus, it supports 100 languages. To kick-start your web development project, hire the best Drupal developer.

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