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As businesses are keen to discover new ways to raise their game on social media, Facebook has become a significant platform for advertising and marketing of their products and services. People are constantly accepting advertisements into messenger and throughout other digital assets. One simple way to acknowledge the longevity of Facebook is to look at its revenue and growth statistics.

According to Statista, the worldwide mobile advertising revenue of Facebook ads of the third quarter of 2019 was 16.34 billion U.S. dollars.

With so much revenue, it is obvious to state that Facebook Ads are a good place to invest in. To give you an insight, here is an article created by a leading Facebook marketing agency. Read along!

Understanding the concept of Facebook Marketing and its Future

  • Facebook Advertising and Marketing

Today, a myriad of businesses use Facebook for advertising and marketing, spending a remarkable budget on running marketing campaigns. This is because Facebook is an easy-to-use advertising program that allows businesses to put money behind their posts. With an array of campaign options on Facebook, businesses can create the right advertisements based on a number of goals including, engagement, website clicks, reach, page likes, and much more.

For each ad set up, you can tailor your ad based on location, demographics, and interests. But just because Facebook advertising is popular doesn’t make it a good fit for everyone. As ROI is affected by a variety of factors, businesses need to calculate the output before trying it.

  • The Future of Facebook Marketing

For all digital marketers out there, the future of Facebook Advertising and its effectiveness is an important aspect of their marketing efforts. Though, digital marketing in general faces too many challenges regarding effectiveness, Facebook Advertising is a strong and aggressive way for them to become more effective.

With Facebook Special Ad Categories, businesses can run campaigns featuring credit, employment, and housing, keeping them compliant. This has helped advertisers target bigger groups where you can focus on locations. As visual content is getting more involved in marketing, the future of Facebook advertisements seems bright with more videos and moving images.

The reason why Facebook is so successful for marketing and advertising is that it is discreetly integrated into the social media feed. As more and more businesses are availing Facebook paid advertisement, it is safe to say that Facebook Advertisements are going to shine in the future. All you have to do is stay on brand and relevant to your audience.

At SoftProdigy, we are not only Facebook Ads marketing professionals, but we are also Facebook marketing partners! To get started on Facebook advertising, contact us today.

Summary: Facebook Advertisements are remarkable in terms of growing a business and targeting more audience. To have an insight, take a look at this vital piece of information!

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