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The popularity of STEEM Blockchain development is consistently on the rise. Its growing adoption is leading to the development of DApps (Decentralized applications). Many of them are built on STEEM Blockchain. The beginning of ranking system by DApp.Com for decentralized applications is a solid proof of STEEM Blockchain’s skyrocketing popularity.   

STEEM Blockchain development is actually a kind of well-established ecosystem for the development of DApps. STEEM’s developer community and user base work in tandem to develop effective decentralized applications. This is not the only reason why STEEM DApps have become the talk of the town in no time.

Actually, excellent user interface, graphics, user incentives, the ease of use and privacy etc. are some more reasons why DApps are now fast emerging as the next-gen app trend.

Therefore, which DApps will rule the roost in the coming years? This is going to be a very interesting question to seek an answer to. Coming to the point, reading this post till the end will help you know about some DApps and next-gen Blockchain DApp development trends. 

Here is the list of top 4 STEEM based DApps likely be popular in the future:


This app is actually a direct and decentralized competitor to YouTube and DailyMotion. It is actually a platform where you can share and consume content in the form of videos. It has been built using STEEM Blockchain and IPFS. You can even call it the result of Blockchain DApp development trend. The main objective behind the development of this decentralized application is to deliver a similar experience to YouTube and DailyMotion. It also aims to be safe and resistant to censorship. 


As the name suggests, this DApp is related to fitness activities. It has been developed using STEEM Blockchain and is fully compatible with Android as well as the iOS platform. ActiFit is medium in the form of DApp that incentivizes you to be an active fitness lover. It has everything to track your fitness activities and reward you in the form of AFIT tokens. It also helps STEEM rewards through UpVotes your STEEM posts earn.


Contribution to open source programs is a time-consuming process. You time deserves a valuable financial return. This decentralized app is the only platform that incentivizes your contribution to open source projects. It utilizes a decentralized voting based reward system developed using STEEM Blockchain.


It is a decentralized special media platform that incentivizes all your social media activities like sharing videos, photos, posting comments. The best thing about this DApp is that you don’t have to worry about third parties censoring your content. You can call it Steemstagram.

All in all, the popularity of Blockchain is only going up. All these DApps are the proof of it. Now the time of centralized app is likely to be up soon. Now the time of DApps is coming faster. Therefore, you had better switch to Blockchain DApp development trends as fast as possible. In case you need some expertise and professional assistance, we could be Blockchain DApp Development Company you are looking for. From a competent team of experienced professionals to infrastructure, we have everything to exceed your requirements and expectations.

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