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Google, the largest search engine in the world has been rolling out notices to website owners for about day or two. The notice they are getting is centered around mobile first indexing. The search engine plans on enabling it for a huge number of websites as well as the webmasters. In case you run a website, believe it or not, you’re not the only one to have received this notice. This notice has sparked curiosity and discussion among search community on social media platforms. Even SEO service providers in India have their eyes closely on this update.


That’s right!
It is mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Their clients have raised concerned with them in this regard.
  • Google is rolling out an unprecedented level of email alerts in this regard from Google Search Console stating that the sites they follow have been migrated to the Mobile First Index of Google.

In case you’re one of the receivers of this notice, keep calm as it isn’t any kind of Google algorithm update.

Is this true!

According to the SEO service providers in India, it cannot be called a Google Algorithm update in any way. Instead, you can call it an update to its mobile index. That’s right!

What does it mean?

It means that Google’s index is growing. Website owners need to worry about its impact on the ranking of their website in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages. Instead, what exactly you should look for is the change in the index used by Google to initiate the ranking process. That too shouldn’t give you butterflies in your stomach as the only thing you will notice is the number of increased websites in it.

But there is something to notice?

What is that? According to the SEO outsourcing companies in India, throws light on indexing. But it definitely indicates a huge change in the way Google will now index the webpage. It doesn’t affect the ranking directly! But it will do so indirectly.

How? What’s that?

This update means Google will now index the latest version of the page. Moreover, the content of your desktop website should match with the content of your mobile website. In case it doesn’t, you’re inviting Google Police!
Wait a minute! Google Police isn’t any Google algorithm or relevant update. It means your website’s ranking will be affected indirectly.

What’s happening on this front?

According to the SEO outsourcing companies in India, Google either seems to be close the final version of this update or ready to give it a big push in near future. It could be mainly because Google has always been users’ centric search engine and the company wants to give searchers more positive experience.

What else to know?

Now may think that it will make sure that your desktop website’s ranking and its mobile version’s ranking in Google Search Engine Result Pages is going to be the same. Honestly, you’re absolutely wrong! It’s not going to change the way Google ranks websites in its SERPs.

Any clarifications from Google in this regard?

The largest search engine in the world has issued some clarifications in this regard. These clarifications will help you get rid of any doubts you may have in mind in this regard. The company hasn’t released any statement indicating relevant future events or updates in this regard.

All in all, Google isn’t releasing any algorithm or any relevant update. Google is just updating its index. Again, it isn’t going to affect your website’s ranking directly but it will do so indirectly. So make sure you take appropriate measures on this front with the help of the best SEO outsourcing companies in India like us.

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