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In this internet obsessed era, it is simply unimaginable to try and picture your life without smart devices and the internet. Whenever someone needs information about anything, be it restaurant or beauty salon, the first thing they do is Google it.

Likely, whenever a consumer needs information about a company or product, they prefer searching for it online. This is the foremost and major reason to build an online presence for your business. You need to strategize an effective digital marketing campaign that can help you accomplish your business on the right path to success. Hiring an expert digital marketing company in India is the ideal approach. It will help you build the brand, get more customers and expand your horizon.

Here are a few digital marketing tools that will help you build an online presence and boost productivity

  1. Crazy Egg

Though the name is little odd, crazy egg is a wonderful application that helps apply overlays to the website pages which are capable of showing how your visitors interact with each page. These visuals will help you track the things that are working and where there are opportunities for improvement. So, it allows you to make modifications to your website content, navigation, and CTA that will result in increasing conversion rate.

With this, you will be able to know which areas of your website are performing well and which ones need improvement so that you can grow your online presence. The key to business success is happy satisfied customers. Professional digital marketing services in India make use of latest tools and techniques to market your business rightly in the digital environment.

  • Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer

Yes, headlines in your website content are what grabs the reader’s attention and persuade them to click or scroll for more information. And, with this co-schedule headline analyzer, it is quite easy to ensure that headlines on your web pages are top-notch and work to your advantage. Using this tool, you can identify the best word choices and length of the headline that is a perfect fit and engages readers with the content.

  • Grammarly-

A business cannot afford spelling mistakes on its official website. Grammarly is an easy and cost-effective method that automatically checks the writing for grammatical and spelling errors. Moreover, the tool has a Google Chrome extension- everything you type using the browser is reviewed before you push send or publish. Even the professional digital marketing services in Indiatrust the tool’s reliability and make use of it in checking the content. So, if spelling and grammar is not your favorite thing, consider using Grammarly before you make a final publish.

  • Push Crew

It is a very useful digital marketing tool that allows you to send push notifications to your audience even when they are not on your website. According to an expert digital marketing company in India, push crew is a great tool for publicizing new blog posts- this tool helps you use push notifications that will inform your audience about new products, new promotions etc. Owing to its beneficial features and easy usability, it comes out a very useful way to reach to customers and drive traffic to your website.

  • Piktochart

It is a very useful digital marketing tool that allows users without intensive experience as graphic designers to easily create infographics and visuals using themed templates. One of the most effective forms of content marketing is infographics. This tool enables a business to share information in a visually appealing format in very little time even if the content team doesn’t have a graphic designer.

Using these five digital marketing tools in your campaign will help you build a sound online presence that helps attract customers and boost your business sales.

About the Author

Preetika Thakur is the Digital Marketing Expert at SoftProdigy, specializing in PPC. With years of expertise in PPC, Preetika has worked her way towards achieving the perfection of PPC skills. Passionate about her work, she keeps in touch with the latest digital marketing trends and excellently executes them through her work.

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