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Ethereum is one of the latest financial technology advancements. This financial technology trend is making headlines almost on daily basis. The internet is flooded with articles highlighting the capabilities of these Fintech trends. But there is hardly anyone talking about the base of these Fintech trends. Coming to the point, reading today’s post will improve your understanding about the base of all of these financial technology advancements, believe the best solidity developers in the world.


What Exactly is Solidity?

It is actually a language that serves as the base needed for a new kind of financial programming for hassle-free creation of Smart Contracts. If the best solidity developers in the world are to be believed, Solidity has a clear connection with Decentralized applications also.


Solidity’s Connection with DApps

Even heavily experienced Blockchain and Cryptocurrency professionals have to depend on the application of their understanding of the way decentralized systems work. In simple words, beginners will need to put in a lot of efforts to be able to understand Solidity’s connection with DApps, believe the best solidity Blockchain development experts.

This cannot be understood easily by any beginner without understanding the difference between the following:



DApps stands for Decentralized Apps. There are many decentralized apps available on the internet. The DApps are the apps that run on networks. They do not need a sole system or users. Let’s make it easy for you to understand it. When an app dedicated to iOS platform is developed, the network utilized for governing application’s back-end is Apple. But when some DApp is developed, the network used for governing all of the back-end processes are those on Ethereum network. This is how a distributed system needed for DApps is created.


Smart Contracts

This is the most important concept you need to understand. Smart Contracts are actually agreements that are virtualized. Smart Contracts actually help develop connection directly with the Ethereum Blockchain. This is where the Smart Contracts come into play. Actually, DApps make use of Smart Contracts for connection with Blockchain to become decentralized. This is where Solidity also comes into play and proves its value, say the best Solidity Blockchain development experts.  In simple words, Solidity proves its value as a medium needed or used for connecting the static application with the distributed back-end.



Coming to the point, Solidity is neither a Smart Contract nor a DApp. Now, this is something that you must understand clearly. Solidity is actually a programming language needed for creating Smart Contracts that can later be used for linking applications to a Blockchain. Your basic understanding of Solidity will help you get a better-decentralized app.

Hopefully, this knowledge will help you understand the way Solidity adds a new value to your business. Solidity is actually a programming language that offers a potential for a new type of financial programming in future. This is something that we are eyeing in advance. If you are also searching for the best Solidity development company for your projects, we exceed your requirements with our experienced team of professionals. Let’s get connected and discuss your business needs!

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