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Blockchain development has advanced rapidly.  Its unprecedented growth speaks volumes about the way it has become a popular development trend. It has taken development and financial market by storm throughout the world. However, a lot of people in the world still struggle to understand the concept of Blockchain.

We are going to discuss this a lot more never heard before things in this regard. Let’s begin with the basics below:

What is Blockchain Development?

Before moving on, it is important for you to understand the meaning of Blockchain. It is actually a technology utilized by a global network of computers for management of the database responsible for keeping records of every single Bitcoin transaction. It is very much similar to a ledger in the banking sector. Therefore, you can call Blockchain a digital ledger used for keeping all types of records related to every single Bitcoin transaction.

Coming to the point, all of the companies providing Blockchain consulting services call it a technology used for a connected network of computers responsible for managing records about Bitcoin-related transactions.

What Are The Major Reasons of its Growth?

The whole credit for its growth goes to the following two reasons:

  • The Power of Social Media Platforms:

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ have billions of users. More importantly, these platforms generally publish advertisements that reach to all of their users. The users trust those ads and engage with them more than the ads they see in the search engines or any other website. This is why any news about cryptocurrency development or Blockchain consulting spreads like wildfire within a few minutes in all parts of the world. In simple words, the user base of social media makes Cryptocurrency and Blockchain talk of the town in no time.

  • The Potential of Smartphone-Based Apps:

Mobile apps make everything popular in no time. Below are some reasons that prove it:

There are more mobiles than humans in this world. In addition to this, the number of mobile apps in the world is way more than the combined population of mobile phones and humans both. Everyone uses mobile apps these days for almost every reason. Some of the reasons are as mentioned below:

  • Financial transactions
  • Online Shopping
  • Social Networking
  • News Reading
  • Watching Videos
  • Online Trading

Now the emergence of Cryptocurrency related mobile-based social media platforms has taken Blockchain development to a whole level.

Given below is the list of fast becoming popular Blockchain based social media mobile apps.


  • Obsidian Messenger:

  • Nexus:

  • Indorse:

  • Synereo:

  • Steemit:

These Blockchain mobile apps have taken Blockchain consulting to a whole new level in a unique way. These Blockchain mobile apps are a kind of social media apps/platforms that allow users to share, like, and comment on the posts of other users.

Moreover, they can post their own posts and do Cryptocurrency trading as well. These apps contain every type of record related to the Cryptocurrency transactions. More importantly, users’ personal information and the transaction-related information is never revealed.  It is encrypted.

Coming to the point, except Telegram, we will discuss rest of the apps through the later posts.

Let’s take a look at the way Telegram has contributed to the popularity and growth of Blockchain development.

The Role of Telegram In the Popularity and Growth of Blockchain Development

Telegram is not a Cryptocurrency trading app. It is very much like usual instant messaging mobile apps. But it is still different from other popular usual instant messaging apps. Its unique and powerful features make it a perfectly secure instant messaging app for Cryptocurrency traders. Even companies providing Blockchain consulting services find it very secure and useful to keep themselves updated about the development practices related to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

  • All Platform Compatibility:

That’s right! It is 100% compatible with all types of devices and operating system. The screenshot presented above shows exactly that. It works effectively on Android, iOS, Windows, Macintosh, and even on Linux operating system. Its web view or downloaded computer compatible app’s view is very much similar to the view of its mobile app. Therefore, no possibility of any compatibility issues on any device or operating system.

  • Hassle-free Login Process on Every Device:

You can create a Telegram account only through Telegram mobile app. You have to download it from your app store. It is available in all popular app stores like Google Play Store and App Store etc. But it allows users/traders/developers to access their Telegram account from any device like PC, Laptop, iPad, and Smartphones.

Login process may differ from device to device. Take a look below:

Telegram account login process from Laptop or PC etc.

In the second step, users/traders are asked to verify their Telegram account by entering the OTP they receive. This OTP is sent to your smartphone Telegram account by the company via chat. Do not expect it in your phone’s message box. The code you receive is valid for about 2 minutes. In case you fail to enter the code within the period of 2 minutes then you get the option of receiving it in your smartphones message box. You still have the option of entering the code because it does not expire.

Once you verify your account using the OTP, you are redirected to your account’s home page. Your Telegram account on computer or laptop looks something like this:

Now coming to the point, how is Telegram contributing to the popularity of Blockchain consulting and development throughout the world? This is an important question. The answer to this question is below:

  • The Presence of Popular Blockchain Development Companies on Telegram:

You are reading this absolutely right! A number of popular companies delivering consulting/development services and news related to Blockchain have their channels on Telegram. They connect with their consumer base through it and deliver the news about every single update.

Need to know the names of some companies? Fine! See below:

  • AlphaPoint
  • ConSenSys
  • Parity Technologies
  • DeCenter
  • The Presence of Companies Spreading News About Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Development and Consulting:

This app is also home to a number of companies spreading the news in this regard. It helps traders stay updated about the Cryptocurrency market happenings. At the same time, it is also helping relevant news and consulting firms get new leads/customers and subscribers.

Given below are the names of firms spreading the news about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain:

  • NewsBTCNews
  • Binance Announcements
  • WePump News
  • Koinex
  • Crypto Groups
  • Binance Coin
  • Bitcoin Lending
  • Obsidian Platform
  • CryptoTomorrow Trading
  • BHP Financial Groups
  • Ripple XRP

Moreover, Telegram has become a kind of social media mobile app that delivers all sorts of services related to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain development. A number of popular news companies providing news in this regard have their channels on Telegram. Some of them have thousands of members whereas some of the companies have millions of members. All of the members interact with each other about the development of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. 

Millions of crypto traders and Blockchain consulting firms are achieving their financial goals because of the Telegram app.

All in All:

The Telegram has definitely taken the development of Blockchain to a whole new level in a unique way. It is helping crypto traders know what Blockchain development firms are doing every second. At the same time, it is also helping the firms understand what their customers/crypto traders or subscribers want from them. In this way, this instant messaging mobile app is also helping them know what they need to do to upgrade their relevant development and consulting practices.

We are one of the best Blockchain consulting firms in the world. In case you need relevant services or advice, we have all the answers to your queries.

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