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If you wish to spread your business to all the digital platforms through a high performing mobile app, we’re here for you. At SoftProdigy, you can hire HTML5 developers and get the best app!

A mobile app with high-quality features, high performance, and stability, can only be formed by experts in HTML5 app development.

So if you’re looking for all these properties in your mobile app and a whole lot more, you’ve landed at the right spot!

SoftProdigy is a learned team of HTML5 mobile app development experts who have been working with HTML since the beginning of its time. Having said that, we can rest assured that our proficient team is well-learned not only about the basics of the HTML app development but also about the advanced technical changes in mobile app development with HTML5.


We deliver the HTML5 mobile app development solutions that are a combination of sustainability, security, and high-quality. We help you by building the cutting-edge mobile apps that are highly scalable and can be easily upgraded.


So, avail the HTML5 mobile app development by SoftProdigy and get the best cross-platform web and mobile app developed just for you.

HTML-5-App Development
  • Custom HTML5 Mobile App Development

    Hire HTML5 developers at SoftProdigy for a satisfactory HTML5 mobile app development experience. We work as a part of your business organization and after knowing the basic idea behind the business, we start working on your mobile app development with HTML5. Combine your business ideas with our expertise and see the magic!

  • Widget Design and Development

    Today, there are countless widgets available for countless mobile phones. At SoftProdigy, we create some brilliant mobile widgets with best utility. So, if you have a widget idea too, get in touch with us. With our expert HTML5 web app development, we will help you breathe life in your widget idea.

  • HTML5 App Testing

    We know that a bad app can really shake your reputation. So, we never let any bug escape with your app. We run your mobile app through a number of filters for quality assurance. Testing is a major part of our HTML5 mobile app development process. And we do that correctly!

  • HTML5 Enterprise Mobile App Development

    For better working within enterprises, a smooth flow of information and better communication are the two must requirements. And there are apps for it! Enterprises today, are engaged in connecting their employees in the best possible manner and with our HTML5 mobile app development for enterprises, we help you do that brilliantly.

Mobile App Development Portfolio
Cricket Fans United App Development
Cricket Fans App

A smart app that is a boon to the cricket fans.
  • Latest cricket news and articles
  • Live videos for cricket matches with recording feature
  • One-to-one or group chat options for banter topic discussions
  • Live score sports app

Purplkite Portfolio

Transforming the way goods are delivered in your city.
  • On-demand delivery app
  • Hyper local delivery services
  • Convenient pickups and drop offs of items
  • XMPP Server, Distance Matrix API, On-Demand, and Real-Time

Note Quest Portfolio
Note Quest

The next generation learning for passionate Piano players.
  • Advanced note reading app for piano players to practice anywhere, anytime
  • Real Piano Mode for better playing and pitch detection
  • Easy to learn two-note intervals
  • Virtual Piano Mode for realistic piano sounds

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