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With the advent of digitalization and smartphones, people want access to valuable data and services at their fingertips. Thus, it has become a necessity for companies to switch from desktop websites to mobile apps to offer their services with ease.

You have started an online business and now looking for reliable hybrid mobile app development services to build a cross-platform app. After all, meeting customers’ needs and demands is the key to success. When it comes to hybrid apps, they are compatible with multiple platforms and easy to update.

However, the success of your cross-platform app will directly depend on your choice of technology, databases and mobile framework. Every business has its own goals and needs, so one-solution-fit-all cannot bring optimal results. Thus, it’s imperative to pick the right technology stack to pave a way towards your company’s success.

In this post, we will look at some of the most popular hybrid mobile app development frameworks that you may consider.

  • React Native

React Native is an open-source app mobile development framework that is supported by React and JavaScript. It is perhaps the most preferred framework for hybrid app development due to its ability to support IDEs and other tools.

  • Iconic

Similar to React Native, Iconic is also an open-source framework for developing robust and cross-platform mobile apps. It uses the same techniques as Apache Cordova and AngularJS to build mobile apps. Apart from this, Iconic also uses tools dependent on various technologies, including HTML5, SASS, CSS, and more.

  • Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI makes the best choice for developers using Bootstrap or Angular, and it builds flawless HTML5 mobile apps. It is a free extension, which means it works without any dependency on external libraries and extensions. However, be aware of internal issues in Bootstrap, it may provoke failures.

  • Flutter

Though in its infancy, Google released framework, “Flutter,” has gained a lot of popularity among remote developers and hybrid app development companies for various good reasons. For instance, it is user-friendly and supports several languages in the background without any problem.

  • PhoneGap

PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, is another popular hybrid mobile app development framework, which is underpinned by Adobe. Most developers prefer using this framework for building cross-platform mobile apps because of its simplicity. In simple words, it doesn’t require complex text commands and is quite easy to use.

  • Xamarin

Microsoft released Xamarin in 2011 and today, it is listed among the top frameworks for hybrid mobile app development. One of the key features of this framework is its ability to implement Common Language Specifications and Common Language Infrastructure. In addition to this, Xamarin offers code reusability, which can significantly reduce development time.

  • Corona SDK

If you’re looking for building your mobile app fast, then Corona SDK is the best framework. As compared to other hybrid app development frameworks, it is several times faster in developing cross-platform mobile apps. The presence of lightweight Lua makes Corona SDK faster, flexible and easy to use.

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Summary – Ready to develop your cross-platform mobile app? Make sure you choose a framework that meets your business needs, goals and budge

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