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Are you the next Shopify or Groupon? Get in touch with professional Ruby on rails developers to build desired web app.

The latest language and framework used in web development are always a hot topic of discussion. Today, Ruby on Rails has become a popular web application framework due to its surpassing efficiency and exceptional features. It can easily build web apps with all-encompassing functionality. Below are the details of some of the inspiring websites built by efficient Ruby on rails developers on this platform:

  • Shopify– It is an ecommerce solution that is introduced in the year 2006. It allows you build your own online store, and can accept credit cards, customize storefront, manage orders, and many more.
Shopify ROR Technology
  • Basecamp- It is the web-based project management website from which RoR was born. It aids team plan projects and communicate more effectively with tools, like instant messaging between team members, to-do lists, and comprehensive reporting.
Basecamp ROR Technology
  • Dribbble– It is an online space to explore, promote and discover great designs and designers.
  • Twitch– A social video platform and community for gamers to stream themselves while playing video games or programming.
  • Airbnb– An online website enabling people to rent out their apartments or rooms for a short time to travelers.
Airbnb ROR Technology
  • Groupon- A large e-commerce website built on Rails, offering best deals and coupons in various locations.
GroupOn ROR Technology
  • Goodreads- A web application for book lovers to discuss, recommend and review books. It is built on RoR, where you can also see what your friends have been reading.

These are some of the most popular websites designed using RoR. All these companies have well appreciated wide ranging features of this technology. Contact a reliable Ruby on Rails Development Company, which can assist you. There are several benefits of Ruby on Rails over Other Frameworks, like:

Benefits of Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby on Rails uses agile software development method, which adopts a collective approach between cross functional teams for finding suitable solutions. This aids in fast delivery, adaptive planning and development, scope for improvement and flexible responses mitigating hurdles.
  • It is Object-oriented, and has user-friendly nature. Also, it has access to a wide library of open source code within the Rails user community.
  • Rails incorporates a very short and perceptive language, thus, eliminating all hurdles meritoriously during the development process.
  • RoR is a MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework, providing default structures for making web pages, database, and web services. This makes use of already present web standards, like XML, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Its coding process is précised, thus, making the codes short and clear to understand.
  • It is easy to navigate between different Rails projects because of the usage of common conventions in coding practices.
  • Rails is pretty flexible and also available with proper testing framework.
  • It is more affordable than other commercial frameworks.

In conclusion, Ruby language has a simple, uncluttered syntax, and can easily access open source software libraries. It offers a user-friendly and developer-friendly environment. With the benefits of development speed, and reduced development cost, it will endure to be influenced for strong web applications in the future as well.

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