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iOS vs. Android is the war for the ages. Both smart operating systems are trying their best to be better than the other, delivering amazing user experiences and mobile applications. To break the dilemma which one is better, here is an article written by an experienced React Native Development Company.

  • iOS vs. Android: The Clash of the Mobile-Tech Giants

Based on a report by Statista in July 2020, Android had a market share of 74.60% whereas iOS had 24.82%.

Who rules the mobile app industry; iOS or Android

Despite the above fact, there are features where both the operating systems are reasonably equal. To give you an insight, our remote React Native developers have listed down some of the most significant features that will help you make a fair comparison between the two operating systems. Have a look:

  • Privacy

Due to the increased usage of the public domain, it has become mandatory for both mobile OS platforms to create stringent data privacy laws. In this particular area, iOS seems to be better because Apple’s business is not dependent on targeted ads, unlike Google. All of their apps must-have sign in with Apple, making both mobile apps and websites hard to hack.

  • Customizability

This is one of Android’s core strengths where you can easily customize your phone and apps. Whereas, iOS doesn’t offer anything like the same level of freedom as Android does. Android allows its users to set up third-party apps as their default apps for many things that are still locked down in iOS.

  • Speed

When tested by opening several apps one by one, iOS can practically beat Android. However, it should be kept in mind that the difference could be in how apps for Android and iOS are developed. Just because you are running the same apps on both operating systems does not mean their internal working is also the same.

  • Price

iOS has always been at the high-end of the mobile market in terms of price. By contrast, if you need something more affordable, nothing can beat Android. This is probably the chief reason why it has so much hold over the mobile app industry. Plus, you have a huge selection of good, low-cost handsets from numerous manufacturers.

  • And the Winner is….

Well, there is no clear winner. As you can see, both Android and iOS come with many perks which are unique and can be better than the other. For instance, Android is budget-conscious but iOS is more secure; Android has more customization options but iOS is faster. In strict words, the war is never-ending. Depending on your preference and needs, you can choose the right one, which will be better for you, at least for that moment.

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Summary: Choosing the best mobile app development OS platform between iOS and Android is like breaking the enigma. To help you with the quest, here is an article. Check it out!

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