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The number of iPhone users is growing rapidly! The result? 2.2 million iOS apps! The competition has gone wild and for your iOS app to stand out, you need to avail the best iOS app development services.

The number of iPhone users is hiking every day and things are turning quite in the favor of iOS.

True that! iOS is soon going to beat Android in terms of users. Why is that, you ask? The reason is – all the innovations being introduced by Apple with every new release of their operating system.

If you’re a business owner and have been focusing on the Android user community till now, it’s time that you broadened your vision. As with such an increasing number of iPhone users, you’ll lose a number of your customers that way.


So, look for an iOS developer for hire and start working on your iOS app, today!


SoftProdigy has been working in the iOS app development sector for years, now! We have served thousands of clients with our high performing and feature-rich iOS apps.


Our veteran experts specialize in Swift and Objective-C languages for iOS app development and have developed some excellent apps for iPhones and iPads.

  • Custom iOS App Development

    Years of our services in iPhone application development in India, have taught us to first learn about the business ideas of our clients and frame the mobile app with this understanding. We believe that you know your business the best and so, with us, you can play your own game through our expertise.

  • iPad Application Development

    We saw the growing usage of iPhones but the iPads are not behind in race. Realizing the growing usage of the iPads, we started polishing our iPad application development services. Today, we stand strong as the best iPad app development service provider in India, helping you reach your customers effectively.

  • iOS App Testing and Quality Assurance

    Your app passes through our filters and we never let a bug reach you. Our team of iOS programmers for hire, has mastered delivering the best-quality iOS apps. We let your app run through a number of testing filters so that any glitch can be fixed before the app is launched.

  • iOS Game Development

    Are you competing in the gaming industry? You’re at the right spot! Besides our iPad application development services, SoftProdigy also specializes in game development. Your game idea doesn’t have to be caged inside your mind. You can give it a beautiful face through our game development services. Contact us, today!

Mobile App Development Portfolio
Note Quest Portfolio
Note Quest

The next generation learning for passionate Piano players.
  • Advanced note reading app for piano players to practice anywhere, anytime
  • Real Piano Mode for better playing and pitch detection
  • Easy to learn two-note intervals
  • Virtual Piano Mode for realistic piano sounds

Maker City App Portfolio
Mkr City

A platform to acknowledge and admire the change makers.
  • Stay informed about people working for the betterment of society
  • Join the community as a Maker or a Change Maker to share and promote your work
  • Network with the change makers and promote their work
  • Social Networking, Community App, Google APIs, Foursquare API

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