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Each day, technology is witnessing new upgrades. In recent times, Laravel, an open-source PHP framework that helps in building web apps quickly and easily, has come with a new version “Laravel 7.8”.

Released with new takeWhile and takeUntil collection methods, Laravel v7.8.0 is incorporated with the latest features, changes, and fixes. The Laravel team released this new version because the previous versions had some limitations in terms of fixing bugs and features that help in developing mobile applications. As a result, most Laravel web application development companies are readily accepting the latest version.

In this post, we will explain some of the incredible features of the new Laravel 7.8.

  • Shortcut methods for redirector signed routes

Ryan Chandler has added two shortcut methods for redirecting signed routes in Laravel.

It can be achieved by: redirect()->to(URL::signedRoute(…));

However, it is not easy to read like other methods. Therefore, by adding supports, the desired results can be achieved.

// Using `signedRoute` and `temporarySignedRoute`

redirect()->signedRoute($route, $parameters, $expiration, $status, $headers);

// and

redirect()->temporarySignedRoute($route, $expiration, $parameters, $status, $headers);

  • Collection methods: takeWhile and takeUntil

Joseph Silber adds takeWhile and takeUntil collection methods, which support lazy collections. Below are some examples of how to use takeWhile and takeUntil.


$collection = collect([1, 2, 3, 4]);

$subset = $collection->takeUntil(function ($item) {

return $item >= 3;



// [1, 2]

// Passing a primitive value

$subset = $collection->until(3);


// [1, 2]


$collection = collect([1, 2, 3, 4]);

$subset = $collection->takeWhile(function ($item) {

return $item < 3;



// [1, 2]

Here are the Release Notes for Laraval 7.8.0


  • Added takeUntil and takeWhile Collection methods
  • Added Illuminate\Container\ContextualBindingBuilder::giveTagged()
  • Added `signedRoute` and `temporarySignedRoute` methods to Routing\Illuminate\Redirector
  • Added exclude_without validation rule
  • Added methods withFragment and withoutFragment to Illuminate\Http\RedirectResponse
  • Added Illuminate\Container\ContextualBindingBuilder::giveTagged()


  • Reset select bindings when the selected clause is to set something else.
  • Fix compiled route actions without using a namespace


  • Added warn to solve issues where people use Auth::routes() to get more readable message when they haven’t installed laraval/ui
  • Pass status code to schedule finish
  • Added auth with each master on flushbd Illuminate\Redis\Connections\PhpRedisConnection
  • Register opis key to make sure it is not tied to a deferred service provider src/Illuminate/Encryption/EncryptionServiceProvider.php
  • Check route: list. This command has a –columns option that you can use to specify the columns that should be used.


  • Deprecate ‘until’ people should use takeUntil method directly.

Laraval has a well-defined toolbox that helps developers build web applications faster and easier. By using this PHP framework, the professionals have to write less code, which results in fewer chances of errors. If you’re looking for a web solution company that offers Laraval application development service, contact SoftProdigy Solutions. We have a team of experts who have years of experience in using Laraval to deliver effective and user-friendly mobile as well as web apps.

Summary – Laraval is one of the most preferred open-PHP frameworks by the best developers and Laraval development companies. Learn about its recent update.

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