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Laravel is the most sought-after framework for web development by every industry and sector. Written in PHP, this framework offers numerous tools and features that facilitate web development and results in dynamic and feature-rich websites.

Like any other tech stack and framework, developers and coders have been working continuously to make Laravel better each day. Over the years, the Laravel team has released several versions of the framework with new features and improvements. With continuous updates in its software, Laravel has released its latest “version 8” last month. 

If you are thinking of developing your business web application with Laravel, it is essential to stay up-to-date. Before you hire the best company that offers Laravel development in India, you need to get familiar with its new web development features. Let us dive straight into the latest version – Laravel 8.

  • Laravel Jetstream

The brand new version of this PHP framework comes with an application scaffolding feature. It offers unique abilities like session tracking, login, email verification, registration, optional team management, and two-factor authentication.

Jetstream has two options for application scaffolding, namely Inertia and Livewire.

Livewire is a responsive, dynamic library that uses Blade as its templating language. On the other hand, Inertia uses the default Vue.Js templating language. What makes Livewire unique is the flexibility to choose between quitting Blade and using Vue.Js.

  • Job batching

If you want to run a batch of jobs, this feature is helpful to you. Once you complete its execution, you can carry out some actions. The Bus facade comes with a batch method that allows dispatching jobs.

You can execute this alongside other completion callbacks such as catch, then, and finally. By doing this, you can add functionality to your jobs.

  • Model factory classes

To know the importance of this feature, you must understand model factories. They help in seeding your databases with test data or fake data. It is an essential step for testing before you insert your real-user data.

Laravel 8 features class-based factories, which have replaced the previous Eloquent model classes. It enables managing object states with ease using methods known as the state() method.

  • Better maintenance

The former version of Laravel allowed listing of IP addresses that offer application access in maintenance mode. But in Laravel 8, it is replaced with a secretsolution. It means you can access your web app URL even in maintenance mode using the “secret” option.

  • Enhanced Rate limiting

With rate limiting, you can handle the traffic you receive on a particular route or group routes. Well, to achieve this, you need a throttle middleware. If the rate limit exceeds the standard, then an HTTP request code (429) is returned.

However, Laravel 8 comes with a more flexible rate limiter while still offering backward compatibility.

The updated version of Laravel improved security, bug fixes, rapid development environment, and more features. For more details about the new improvements and updates in Laravel 8, hire a reputed Laravel development company in India.

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Summary – With more than 1.2 million websites globally, Laravel has become the top web development framework of current times. Currently, the framework is at version 8. If you want to know the new features it offers, here is a must-read article.

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