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There are plenty of PHP frameworks available today. But the speed and effectiveness of Laravel make it one of the most sought-after frameworks.

It comes with a great tool ecosystem that helps developers to build new, high-performing web applications rapidly. Thus, there is a surge in dependency on Laravel web development companies for developing web apps and websites using this framework.

Well, this rise in demand for Laravel developers is due to the numerous benefits that come along. Apart from this, it gives room for customization when creating web applications or websites. So, there is no surprise that many top companies have switched to Laravel.

Besides all this, what makes Laravel the most popular framework is its exciting features. Let’s have a look at the essential features of Laravel.

  • Authentication process

When it comes to authentication, it plays an essential role in the web development industry. In the past, developers had to spend a lot of time writing authenticated code. But with the development of Laravel, this problem has been resolved. It comes with a built-in authentication process, which allows authentication with ease and rapidly.

  • Routing

Routing is a feature that helps in embedding application URLs to a specific controller action or view. However, in the Laravel framework, the developer gets the choice to pick the route they want to activate, depending on the application/PHP file/courses.

  • Unit testing

With this feature, developers can stay worry-free about any issues created due to new changes by running several tests. It takes a considerable amount of time to develop unit testing, but it authorizes the application to function. So, it is completely worth it.

  • Modularity

In the world of web development, modularity means the extent to which larger components or applications divide into smaller segments and then recombine. Laravel has more than 20 different libraries, which are categorized into single modules independently. And using this, designers can create modular, simple, and responsive web apps.

  • Template engine

Another exciting feature of Laravel is Blade, which is not only simple but also a powerful template engine. What makes Blade unique from other popular PHP templating engines is that you are not limited to using plain PHP code.

  • Object-oriented library

Laravel has an object-oriented library feature that is not available in many other PHP frameworks.

When an authentication library is added to this library, it becomes easy to use several features, such as bcrypt hashing, checking active users, cross-site results forgery, password reset, encryption, and so on.

  • Caching

It is a feature that allows temporary storage of data, and you can retrieve it with ease. Caching helps you reduce the burden on your database server. Laravel comes with a unified API that can easily interact with several caching backends, like Memcached and Redis.

These are some of the features that distant Laravel from the rest of other PHP frameworks.

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Summary – There are plenty of tech-stacks, so making the right choice is a real challenge. If you’re wondering what it takes to build secure and complex web applications, the answer is Laravel web development. To know more, read this post.

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