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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a way to solve a number of problems of a business organization before they even occur! Yes, that’s right! This is what an efficient ECM does.

With a safe, efficient, and smooth flow of your business documents and content and its failsafe storage, an ECM helps you keep everything intact. From the smoother flow of documents within an organization to an authorized control, a competent ECM handles it all.


The Liferay Portal or Liferay CMS is known to be one of the most competent CMSs. With all its features and advantages, Liferay has been considered as the perfect framework for the development of ECM systems.

Liferay is an open source web development framework offering a blend of features for web content publishing, document management, and content management. One of the most widely used CMSs, Liferay is best suited for the ECM needs of enterprises.

The framework is used for the development of extranets and intranets at organizational levels and for ensuring that the organizational documents and content are managed in a secure, cost-effective, and convenient manner. Below is a list of features, offered by Liferay as an efficient ECM development framework:

  • Convenient Management and Publishing Of Web Content

With Liferay, you get a whole system for the management of web content. With the help of this system, you can create and publish rich pieces of web content.

You can manage, create, edit, and publish your content with the Liferay CMS using a lot of extensive features, usually not found in the other CMSs.

The web content here means the content for websites, web pages, etc. You can also use a number of feature-rich templates and can schedule the time at which your content is to be published or removed.

  • Find Your Documents and Media in One Place

The document repository, formed by the Liferay-based ECM systems, lets you store all your documents along with the media files, all in one place. The media here, includes images, videos, audio files, etc. With such an extensive repository, it is easy to leverage the documents and files within a team, group, or an individual within an organization.

Also, with a neat media gallery, it is quite easy for you to locate the files within your ECM through a feature-rich display.

  • Content Categories Defined By The Users

The admins can create different document types and custom sets of metadata in any language being used within the office. Thus, different categories of the content can be created by the users for better usage and convenient sharing.

For instance, different types of reports can be categorized as per different heads for easy recognition by the employees. For documents or reports, the categories like reporting time/period, author, concerned team, etc. can be created for easy distribution, recognition, and collaboration.

  • Easy Conversion of Documents

This is one of the best features of the Liferay-based ECM system. The users can easily retrieve the files and documents in any file format that is required.

Thus, if different teams require the file in different formats, it can easily be done through the Liferay CMS. For instance, if an image file is saved in the PNG format and is required in the JPG format, it can easily be done.

Also, the ECM system allows you to upload multiple documents at once. Thus, you don’t have to upload the files and documents one by one, saving a lot of your time.

Other than the above-mentioned features, the ECM system developed using Liferay is injected with many other features. Thus, if you want to make your document handling process convenient, safe, and fast, you must go for the Liferay ECM development.

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A fervent learner, Rahul loves to keep himself updated about the ongoing digital trends. He aims at delivering the best UX through his revolutionary ideas and development skills.

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