MEAN Stack Development

Need scalable and efficient web apps? Give MEAN Stack a try! For the best JavaScript solutions with MVC design patterns hire MEAN Stack developers and get the best results!

MEAN Stack – the power of four major tools together for the development of best-quality and high performing web applications!

An acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js, MEAN Stack combines the power of four most powerful JavaScript-based development tools! Thus, by way of offering a stable, advanced, and scalable platform for web development, MEAN promises excellent results.

If you’ve been looking for such a solution for your web development needs, you’ve reached the right spot! As a MEAN Stack development company, SoftProdigy has served numerous businesses from varied domains and has served them with our impeccable MEAN Stack skills and know-how!


We home the best team of MEAN Stack developers India that can help you have a sturdy web presence through the right web app. We believe in sticking to a business idea throughout the development process so that your web app is exactly how you want it to be!


So, if you’re seeking the best services in MEAN Stack web development, we’re here for you. Get in touch with us, today!

Mean Stack Development
  • MongoDB

    Hire MEAN Stack developers at SoftProdigy for the best MongoDB development results! By utilizing the flexible data structure, auto-sharding, and the feature of indexing and querying data, offered by MongoDB, our experts deliver you nothing but the best! As compared to the traditional RDBMS the MongoDB solutions delivered by us are promising, state-of-the-art, and result-oriented! Thus, hiring us can be your best bet!

  • Express.js

    Used for the creation of web applications and API’s, Express.js is one of the most efficient web development frameworks for Node.js. Our experienced MEAN Stack developers India possess great expertise in utilizing this framework’s powerful features to build a great range of web and mobile applications. With Express.js, we promise the delivery of high-quality hybrid, single-page, and multi-page applications.

  • Angular.js

    Opted by hundreds of thousands of websites, Angular.js is a popular front-end development framework, used to create single-page web apps. As an efficient MEAN Stack development company, we are home to a team of cherry-picked Angular.js experts that know their way to developing winning Angular.js apps. They utilize the two-way data binding features and the MVC capability of Angular.js to deliver the best web development results for your business.

  • Node.js

    A client-side scripting server, Node.js is based on JavaScript as well. This is one of the best tools from the lot of MEAN Stack application development tools. Our experts have worked on a number of projects including Node.js development and thus, with us, you can find just the right personnel you’re looking for your next development project. If you want the best Node.js development solutions, get in touch with us and you’ll not be disappointed. Not even a bit!

Web Development Portfolio
Planet Water Foundation Portfolio
Planet Water Foundation

Planet Water Foundation: A non-profit organization bringing clean water to disadvantaged communities.
  • US-based organization working for underprivileged communities
  • Our social media campaigns helped the organization boost its social traffic manifolds
  • An increased amount of clicks and impressions received through our Google Search Campaign
  • Huge success achieved by our Google Display Campaign, conducted for the organization

PPEC UK Portfolio

A young business organization engaged in the supply of chemical products.
  • The startup aims at delivering high-quality chemical products through best suppliers
  • SoftProdigy helped PPEC grow through strategic internet marketing services
  • We designed and launched the best suited Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Advanced digital marketing tactics used: Link Building, SMM, Content writing

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