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Earlier, while hiring the developers, you needed to keep a keen eye on their skills for developing applications using a specific technology. Developers carried expertise in only one particular domain, which was the need of the time when applications were built using only one technology. But there is a huge transformation in the way applications are now built.


How, you ask?

Nowadays, web and mobile app development have stepped up to the next level. The applications are not being built using only one technology but a stack of various technologies is being utilized. Wondering how?

Stack of multiple technologies (frameworks, libraries, databases, etc.) is used together in order to craft premium web applications. With the aim of making this combined development process smoother, MERN stack development was introduced. MERN stack development services are becoming increasingly popular as developers utilize this powerful stack to build and deploy successful applications. Let’s know more about this stack!


What is MERN Stack development?

MERN is derived from the initials of the name of four open-source components: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js.

These components are JavaScript-based technologies, which provide an end-to-end framework for developers to work in. Let’s understand these components one by one.



MongoDB is a NoSQL database, which came into existence around the mid-2000s with the aim of offering a high level of scalability and flexibility to the developers. This database is basically used to fulfill the purpose of high-volume data storage. Its document storage format is popularly known as BSON. Since MongoDB uses highly flexible data model, one can easily store multiple types of data without having to care about the options to perform indexing, accessing data and rules for validating the data.



Express is a fast, flexible, and assertive web application framework of Node.js. As Node.js does not allow to build websites, Express serves as a layer built on the top of it and enables built-in structure and functions needed to build a website. Using Express, developers can easily set up middleware to respond to the HTTP requests, define routing table, and dynamically render the HTML pages. Express is being widely popular for its fast speed and minimalist structure.



React was originally created by Jordan Walke (software engineer at Facebook) and was later open-sourced. It is popularly known as an open-source JavaScript library developed with the aim of being a most scalable, fast, and simple library for creating interactive user interfaces. React makes it painless to design simple declarative views for each state in your application. This helps developers make the code more predictable and easier to debug. Since the logic of all components is written in JavaScript, it enables easy transfer of rich data through applications while keeping the state out of DOM.



Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009, which includes everything you need for building highly scalable server-side applications. Whether it is a command line application, web application, real-time chat application, REST API server, etc. Node.js lets you build them all. The best thing about Node.js is that it can be easily run on various platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.


Why MERN Stack?

Now that you know about all the components of MERN stack development, let’s discuss the main advantage it offers to the developers. MERN stack offers the flexibility of using four best technologies and covers the full web development cycle from front-end development to back-end development. The developers only need to be proficient in JavaScript and JSON. This makes it developer’s first choice when developing highly efficient web applications.

Hopefully, you have found the blog post worth reading. If you are seeking MERN stack services, get in touch with the team of SoftProdigy – experts in MERN stack development serving clients across the globe. All the best!

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A very zealous lead mobile app developer at SoftProdigy, Anirudh works his way through a diverse experience in the niche of android and iOS development. As a technical lead, Anirudh is the front-runner for all the development activities performed by SoftProdigy’s mobile app development team.
He possesses matchless expertise in Corona, PhoneGap, JQuery, Xamarin, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, IoT, Objective-C, Swift and other SDKs with a high-end understanding of the mobile ecosystem.

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