MERN Stack Development

With React replacing AngularJS, MEAN has been updated to MERN and it’s the new big thing in application development!

MERN Stack – the new and improved stack technology for the development of finest and defined web applications.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we call ‘apps’ as one of the most used technologies throughout the world. It has been forecasted that the total number of apps that will be downloaded worldwide will reach a whopping figure of around 260 billion by 2022! So, the first statement holds itself very true.

With so many people using so many different apps, the apps are bound to be perfect in terms of technology, UI/UX, functionality, and utility. Now, all these factors vary greatly based on the niche and type of application but if the right technology like MERN stack, is used, you can end up with a high performing app.

MERN stack development entered the world of technology when Facebook’s front-end technology React started being used as an alternative to AngularJS. Thus, the ‘A’ from the MEAN stack – that stood for AngularJS – is now replaced with an ‘R’ that stands for React. So, MEAN stack got updated to MERN stack with the change in this one technology.

If you want your future business apps to stand out in the crowd and deliver nothing but the best to your customers, avail SoftProdigy’s MERN stack development services.

Our expert application developers have mastered the technology stack named MERN, with efficient skills in MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and Node.js – the four pillars of the stack!

MERN Stack Development Company
  • MongoDB

    MongoDB is used as a database in MERN stack development. Experts at SoftProdigy know this NoSQL document-oriented database by heart and implement their learned knowledge in the process of application development for businesses. The results are always amazing and winning!

  • Express

    In MERN stack development, Express plays the part of simplifying the writing of server codes. The developers at SoftProdigy have worked on numerous application development projects and have mastered this server-side framework to its very chores. With great expertise and a professional pattern of workflow, we deliver results-oriented MERN stack services to our clients.

  • React

    The defining component of the technology stack called MERN, React is an open-source library based on JavaScript and maintained by Facebook. The difference between Angularjs and React is that the latter is a library while the former is a framework. This makes development with React more flexible and easy! So, MERN stack development is the way to go for the best application development results.

  • Node.js

    Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment. It handles the back-end of the application. Through our expertise in MEAN stack development, we have polished our skills in Node.js and all the other components of the stack as well. Our experience helps us deliver the best results when it comes MERN stack development.

Web Development Portfolio
Planet Water Foundation Portfolio
Planet Water Foundation

Planet Water Foundation: A non-profit organization bringing clean water to disadvantaged communities.
  • US-based organization working for underprivileged communities
  • Our social media campaigns helped the organization boost its social traffic manifolds
  • An increased amount of clicks and impressions received through our Google Search Campaign
  • Huge success achieved by our Google Display Campaign, conducted for the organization

PPEC UK Portfolio

A young business organization engaged in the supply of chemical products.
  • The startup aims at delivering high-quality chemical products through best suppliers
  • SoftProdigy helped PPEC grow through strategic internet marketing services
  • We designed and launched the best suited Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Advanced digital marketing tactics used: Link Building, SMM, Content writing

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