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HubSpot is a prominent Boston-based inbound marketing firm that has recently announced that it is launching a standalone content management system – CMS hub. As businesses develop needs for deeper integrations, additional domains, and increased site security, the traditional CMSs are unfit to meet the new challenges. Therefore, HubSpot is ready to launch its new CMS that will offer every business and CMS Development Company a new experience.

  • What’s New in CMS Hub?

As a part of HubSpot’s all-in-one connected platform, it gives an integrated, easy-to-use, and deeply powerful CMS. It provides speed, security, and scalability to growing businesses, and takes the pain out of managing software. The CMS hub allows users to focus on creating a remarkable website experience for their customers.

HubSpot’s new CMS is simple for every team to use; you don’t have to rely on an engineer to make changes. You can quickly adjust the homepage or update key product information with CMS hub. Also, with the built-in SEO optimization tool, you can easily optimize the website and get its SEO ready.

The CMS hub is available in two tiers – Enterprise and Professional. Each tier comes with a rich set of tools, designed to make it easy for users to build modern websites for their customers. Take a quick look at these tiers:

  • Professional Tier

The Professional tier is built for rapidly growing businesses that are tired of being held back by traditional CMSs that require heavy maintenance. These CMSs make it difficult for marketers to work at a fast pace. However, with CMS Hub Professional, users can effortlessly manage and update their websites, and increase traffic to generate leads.

  • Enterprise Tier

The Enterprise tier includes all the features of the Professional tier. Plus, it gives scaling companies the ability to build powerful web app experiences and maintain governance as they grow. With the Enterprise tier, users can manage different domains from one place and easily maintain web apps.

HubSpot’s CMS gives developers the freedom to use the languages they want to. So, they can build the website while taking advantage of the HubSpot CMS’ modular structure. At the same time, the modules provide marketers a friendly interface to make instant changes needed on a modern website. With its powerful and easy-to-use features, the CMS Hub allows rapidly scaling businesses to build fast, reliable, and secure websites.

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Summary: To overcome marketers and developers from the hassles of traditional content management systems, HubSpot unveiled its new CMS – CMS Hub. Read our article to learn what it is offering to businesses.

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