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2020, the year that will remain historic for decades to come, is almost going to end! When most industries and businesses continued to be inoperable due to the pandemic, web development is one field that flourished like never before. We all know why! It is because the entire world opted for virtual services to meet their needs from the comfort and safe zones of their homes.

During this time, we have seen a significant hype of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and JavaScript.

Besides this, the dependency on MEAN stack and MERN stack application development service companies was also massive. Node.JS is one of the elements of the MERN stack and a JavaScript framework that has remained the preferred choice of developers and businesses. It allows developers to build dynamic, feature-rich, and intuitive web applications. From Netflix to LinkedIn, Trello, PayPal, Yahoo, Uber, and eBay, there are many global leaders that have been using Node.JS for their web applications.

With this enormous impact on the world’s web development, let us look at some of the Node.JS trends that dominated 2020.

  • The era of MEAN and MERN stack

One of the most prevalent Node.JS trends that we have seen in 2020 is the popularity of MEAN and MERN among developers to build complex web applications. Currently, these two are the most powerful open-source web app development frameworks. Do you know even the world’s leading OTT platform Netflix has opted to MERN stack to build a high-end and user-friendly application?

  • Serverless architecture

One of the prime features of Node.JS is its serverless architecture. Well, the elimination of servers has resulted in creating applications without worrying about hardware maintenance that’s one relief for businesses. In addition to cost reduction of hardware and maintenance, the serverless architecture of Node.JS offers numerous benefits, including code reusability, improved flexibility and quality, and affordability.

  • Real-time applications

2020 has seen extensive use of Node.JS to build highly-responsive and real-time applications. Without our realization, these applications have become an integral part of day-to-day life, from booking a cab to ordering food. Most of the real-time applications available today use Node.JS, as they require lightweight processing and a robust backend and data serving platform. And Node.JS meets all the needs.

  • Internet Of Things

With microservices, data-centric approaches, and real-time implementation, Node.JS makes the perfect framework for developing IoT applications. Thus, most of the apps having geo-distributed abilities built this year have used Node.JS because of its faster and real-time

data pull-out.

  • Cloud computing

In the past, dependency on hardware was the biggest obstacle in building native cloud-oriented apps. But all thanks to Node.JS, it has eliminated the need for hardware and maintenance. Thus, it allows developers to build cloud-native apps.

Based on the above-discussed points, it is clear that Node.JS is a promising technology of 2020 and years to come.

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Summary – Have you got a unique web application idea for your business? Choosing the right framework, software, and technology is essential to ensure a successful and engaging web app. Here is a must-read article on why Node.JS makes an excellent choice.

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