Mkr City

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Mkr City

The app allows a community of people to come together, share the work that they did for society’s betterment, and promote it.

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Social Networking

The MKR CITY app allows the users to network as the Makers or Change Makers of the society, recognize each other’s work, and share it within the app to spread the word. With the app, the users can have all the features of an efficient social networking platform.

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Join And Stay Informed

The MKR CITY app lets you join the community of people working for the betterment of the society and keeps you informed about what work they’re doing. The app is an ideal platform for all the Makers and Change Makers to join together and collaborate.

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Browse people and their work as per the categories of change. From categories like Sports, Books, Food, Science, Nature, Health, Innovation, etc., choose your pick and connect with people. The UI/UX design helps users browse through the categories in an interactive manner.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The MKR CITY App is available both for iOS and Android operating system. The app is built as a strong social networking platform with a robust and feature-rich UI/UX design. The technology used, includes: Google APIs and Foursquare API.

Ideas in the Making

For a better world, we need to bring together the people who actually work for it.

The MKR CITY app is for the Makers and Change Makers of the society. This social networking project brought our mobile app development skills into work. With a blend of APIs like Google, Foursquare, etc. and with our social networking app development skills, we created MKR CITY.

The mobile app, available for both Android and iOS has been completely in line with the plans of the client and the app looted a great appreciation.

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