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An on-demand delivery app for local deliveries that lets you order the pickup and drop off within your city.

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Easy Scheduling

The app allows you to manage the time, place, and location of your delivery. This goes for both pickups and drop offs. With a high-quality UI/UX design, the users get to schedule their delivery, easily, as per their convenience.

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Nearest Delivery Boys

PurplKite allows users to get access to the nearest location of delivery boys so as to deliver convenient and fast services. The users can pick the delivery boy that is nearest to them and save lots of their time.

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Live Tracking

The real-time features in PurplKite allow the users to track their orders live. Thus, no need to call up the delivery boys and ask about their whereabouts. Through excellent real-time tracking, you can sit back and see where your order has reached.


The app is available for Android operating system. It uses high-tech features and high-quality technology like XMPP Server, On-Demand Service, Real-Time Communication, UI/UX Design, Google Places, Google Maps, Distance Matrix API, etc.

Ideas in the Making

Perfection is achieved when expertise collides with a brilliant idea.

PurplKite was an idea that’s been shaped into a real-time app by the experts at SoftProdigy. With our expertise in real-time communication and creation of on-demand delivery apps, we managed to create the best-in-industry modules for PuprlKite within no time. The app bagged a great appreciation, thus, adding another feather to our cap.

With PurplKite, we managed to deliver our best services in mobile app development, exploring our technical capabilities to the depths.

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