Early Coders

For over a decade, we have indulged into numerous projects for an assortment of industries. Our work is what sings the laurels of our expertise to the world.

Early Coders

A coding school based in Singapore trains young coders for app development and programming.

Social Media Marketing

We planned and designed a failsafe social media marketing campaign for Early Coders. The campaign helped them get a great recognition and traffic through the leading social media channels resulting in increased business and demand.

Technical Content Writing

Through our advanced technical content writing services, we created several blog posts, articles, tutorials, and social media posts for the school to set an authority in the digital market. The authenticity and uniqueness of the content brought a good amount of traffic to Early Coders website.

Advanced SEO

For Early Coders the advanced SEO services of SoftProdigy included the usage of all advanced tools and techniques for search engine optimization. The implementation of these tools and techniques helped the school reach a better search engine ranking with Google.

Marketing Services

The internet marketing campaign designed and launched by SoftProdigy for Early Coders included: social media marketing for networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., link building, technical content writing, advanced SEO, and more.

Ideas in the Making

Great businesses need to be recognized in the jam-packed digital market.

The Early Coders is a coding school that used SoftProdigy’s digital marketing services and witnessed great results. The school imparts coding education to students above the age of 13. For the marketing of The Early Coders, SoftProdigy deployed its best strategic digital marketing services.

After acquiring the desired information about the school, our social media marketers, SEO experts, and content writers together worked on a strategic plan of marketing and helped in bringing a good business to the client.

Clients we have worked with
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