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Support your favorite Athletes.

Recognition to Athletes:

GiveBacker provides a uniform platform for athletes to sign up and get recognition on a global scale. They get to showcase their skills, background and rankings.

Financial Support:

The Give Back concept of the website allows athletes as well as the general public to register on this platform and offer financial support to athletes to use funds for good cause.


The website also features as a platform to showcase details of various upcoming events from 15+ popular sports. The calendar maintained by Athletes and Captains gives details about upcoming and live events.


With Japan as the primary market of this platform launch, support for Japanese languages was added along with English. These were not handled through a service. Instead, these were handled via a translation file.


Give back to your favorite sports personalities.

Athletes in many countries strive to gain recognition and funding so as to improve their sport and afford better trainings and equipment. GiveBacker thrives to help such athletes by providing them a platform that not only helps them gain visibility, but also gather funds that they can use for themselves or their sport.

This platform helps the deserving athletes to make best out of their talent by getting the support from the backers and other athletes. They can easily request for the funds as well as are capable of providing finance to the other athletes. This helps them to improve their trainings and skills.

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