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Go Hider

Ensure the security of your family members, house, and vehicles, even when you’re far away from them.

Extensive Database

Go Hider is an app where users sign up with their information like name, address, vehicle registration number, family members, pictures of family members etc. This app is an interactive source of extensive user database that the users submit themselves.


Users can network by starting a chat with others, a feature powered by chat integration. Before starting the chat, the user is given an option of revealing their identity and after that, they can select a topic of chat. This way, users interact and deliver messages to other users.

Safety and Security

The app ensures the safety in a very unique manner. It is a network of people and a database. The information of the users like their vehicle registration number helps other users recognize their vehicle, if it is out of their reach, stolen, or is involved in an accident. So, the owner can be contacted and be informed about the same.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The app’s interface is smooth and very interactive. Created with Node JS, the app confirms its infusion with the latest technology. It uses the latest face-recognition technology that is used to scan and person and match them with the data in the app. The app is available both for Android and iOS.

Go Hider

Ensure the security of your family members, house, and vehicles, even when you’re far away from them.

The idea behind Go Hider is to provide safety and security on a wider scale and on social levels. The app is created on top of Node JS and uses an interactive interface to gather user data. The information given by users like their name, address, vehicle registration number, names of family members, their pictures, etc., is used for their own security.

The chat, integrated by PubNub for both Android and iOS, is a faster way to communicate with users active on the app. Face recognition powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) adds to the pioneering functionality of this app.
SoftProdigy’s expert mobile app developers have built this brilliant app with its all-inclusive features after days of brainstorming and hard work. The work won tons of praises from our client and his audience.

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