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It is a job portal that helps in finding one day jobs for bartenders.

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Key Feature

A good bartender greets every customer with a hello and a smile, even if they cannot serve the customer right.’ If you have skill, Rockstar has a job for you! The application helps the bartender find one day jobs that perfectly suits their desires and needs.

Benefits of PromoChex

Account Creation- User and Employer

Integrated with numerous beneficial features, Rockstar has been developed to make job search easy for both, user and employer. It allows account creation for user and employer separately, that enriches the platform usability.

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To make the Job Search process flexible for its users, Rockstar offers compatibility for both, Android and iOS. For the Android users, download application from Google Play and Apple users can get it from The App Store and start their one day job search.

Job Filter Option

Finding one day jobs for bartender gets even quick with Rockstar’s Job filter option. The user can filter the job search on preferred location and work timings which is a great feature. It is trouble-free method to find your suited one day jobs.

Ideas in the Making

In this high-tech mobile world, the smart device in your hand, often perceived a gadget to click pictures and making calls, can help you find a living.

With numerous online applications introduced every hour, Rockstar is a unique concept that incorporates a very smart approach to job search for bartenders.
It is a job portal that help find one day jobs for the bartenders. The idea was clearly explained to the application development team at SoftProdigy and learning every niche of it, they came up with the best design and development for the app- Rockstar.
It has been beautifully designed for easy navigation with integrated job filter options that make job search easy for the users. Also, the app is compatible with Android and iOS.

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