Note Quest

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Note Quest

A tailor-made app for the piano enthusiasts to seek their passion anywhere they go and conveniently learn how to play.

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Learn Piano On-the-Go

The real-time app is specially designed for the piano players to read and learn piano notes anywhere and everywhere. So, wherever you go, take your piano lessons with you. Enjoy an advanced learning procedure and learn how to play piano, the better way.

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Real Piano Mode

Use this mode of the app when playing on a real piano to detect and correct your notes. The mode allows you to detect the pitch and adjust it. Also, you can practice playing the two-note intervals in this mode.

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Virtual Piano Mode

The Virtual Piano Mode allows you to keep practicing even if you’re away from home. Use this mode to practice your piano lessons on a virtual piano keyboard. The virtual piano helps you practice with realistic piano sounds.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Note Quest App is available for iOS. With the advanced UI/UX design techniques, the app comes with a highly interactive dashboard and it is quite easy for the users to learn. The Virtual Piano uses extensive technology to give the realistic feel of learning.

Ideas in the Making

For people with passion, learning never gets outdated.

An idea of learning and excelling in one’s passion for music is what led to the making of Note Quest. The app challenged our iOS app development skills and we managed to win the struggle. With utmost dedication and diligent efforts, our veteran mobile app development experts added the mentioned features within the app, to do justice with the app creation idea of our client.

We made sure that the easy-to-use platform is something that the piano enthusiasts look forward to.

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