Cricket Fans App

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Cricket Fans App

A sports app available for the entertainment of die-hard cricket fans, allowing them to get access to live cricket matches and scores.

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Live Cricket Match Videos

The app allows the users to watch live videos of cricket matches on their phone. The videos can also be recorded to view later. The amazing sports app also helps users keep a track of the live cricket match scores.

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Chat Options

The app comes with chat options so as the users can engage in conversations about the banter topics. The chat options come for one-to-one chat as well as for group chats. So, the users can communicate while enjoying cricket updates.

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News and Articles

Updated news and articles related to cricket are available within the app. The users can easily get access to all the latest news related to cricket, the upcoming match schedules, and live score updates through notifications.


This media and entertainment app is available for both Android operating system and iOS. The app has been designed with the state-of-the-art mobile web development tools and techniques, real-time technology, and specialized UI/UX designs.

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The Cricket Fans App has been one of our favorite projects to work on. It was both fun and challenging to create an app for a huge community of cricket fans. However, our experts saved the day! With live score feature and real-time modules, our mobile development professionals created an astounding app for the client. We used our Android and iOS app development skills to the cores so as to deliver the best results for both the platforms. The UI of the app is what we paid the most heed to.

With Cricket Fans App, we discovered a whole new level of skills that our veteran experts possess, making us stronger and better in services.

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