Planet Water Foundation

For over a decade, we have indulged into numerous projects for an assortment of industries. Our work is what sings the laurels of our expertise to the world.

Planet Water Foundation

Planet Water Foundation works for installing community-based water filtration systems and deploying hygiene education programs.

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Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing campaigns carried out by us for the Planet Water Foundation lead to great results! The organization gained 3.8K profile visits and 22,085 post reach on the profile page, contributing to 40% increase in the traffic.

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Google Search Campaign

We conducted a Google Search Campaign for the organization to boost its traffic and conversions manifolds. Through this campaign, we received 23,063 clicks and 61,331 impressions throughout the campaign of one month and it was a great achievement!

Planet Water

Google Display Campaign

A 3-day Google Display Campaign was run by SoftProdigy for the organization and it was a huge success altogether. We received 165,690 impressions and 37 clicks on World Water Day from a number of relevant placement websites resulting in an increased traffic on the website of the organization

Marketing Services

SoftProdigy designed a failsafe marketing strategy for the Planet Water Foundation through a blend of strategic marketing services. These services included – social media marketing, link building, SEO audit, PPC campaign, Google Search Campaign, Google Display Campaign, etc.

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Great work needs more marketing than a profitable one.

A US-based NPO working for underprivileged communities, Planet Water chose SoftProdigy for its digital marketing campaign and achieved great results.

We used highly advanced digital marketing tools and techniques for this organization. These included SMO, Google Search Ads, PPC, Link Building, Google Display Ads, etc. All these tools were used by the experienced marketers and a complete analytics record was kept about the same.

As per the record, the business growth and response of campaigns were commendable.

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